I scraped my knee on concrete yesterday, and now there's pus?!

Question: I scraped my knee on concrete yesterday, and now there's pus.?
After the fall, I washed my knee, put peroxide on it, neosporin, and a bandaid. It's the next day and the wound isn't dry and has some yellowish pus on it. It keeps sticking to bandaids, so I'm leaving it exposed. Is it infected.? It doesn't hurt at all.Health Question & Answer

The infection is your body trying to push out any dirt and grit from the concrete that is deep in the wound. I wouldn't bother seeing a doctor just yet, but consider using a bit more peroxide and keep cleaning off the pus, as this will likely contain some of the material your body is trying to get rid of. also, if at anytime you begin to feel throbbing in the wound, or if you noticed redness running in the veins leading away from the wound this can signal a blood infection and you should see a doctor to get some antibiotics. Right now though it sound pretty low key so give it a little time and keep changing up your bandages.Health Question & Answer

Not necessarily infected, that can be your bodily fluids taking their dear sweet time to form a scab if it is scraped BADLY enough. But we're talking pretty badly. Alcohol will kill it easily if it is infected so if you've already done that, just leave it alone. Bandaging it is a bad idea if it is that bad. Quite counterproductive.Health Question & Answer

The pus is the white blood cells that attack an area to keep it clean from germs and it will scab over in time! Have you had a tetanus shot lately.? keep the neosporin on it and it shall heal soon enough!Health Question & Answer

it could be infected but also your body may be
at work fighting any bacterial trying to get into
your scraped knee producing pusHealth Question & Answer

Could be a bit infected, but it could also be lymph mixed with the Neosporin residue. Not all "ooze" at a wound is blood or pus.Health Question & Answer

When scabs get wet they turn yellow and pus like. I have a huge scar on my leg that did the same thing (during healing) every time I had a shower.Health Question & Answer

It is infected you should see your medical adviser immediately thx.Health Question & Answer

Don't put a band aid on it. It needs air on it. Pour peroxide on it a couple of times a day. Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

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