Is my knee pain related to me spraining it 8 years ago?!

Question: Is my knee pain related to me spraining it 8 years ago.?
my knee has been hurting for like 4 days now, it feels like it hurts on the kneecap. i sprained my knee 8 years ago playing soccer, and i wore a knee brace and everything, is this anything related to that.? i also have bursitis in my hip on the same leg. i would go to a doctor but i have no health insurance, can't afford it.Health Question & Answer

The old injury could increase your chances of developing arthritis. also, the bursitis may be affecting the way you walk or stand which could be placing more strain than usual on the knee. If motrin and rotating heat and ice (about 20 min. on every hour) dosen't relieve the pain or there is alot of swelling, then you should go to the ER. They have to see you even if you don't have insurance.Health Question & Answer

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You're probably right in your assessment and if you think you need a brace again, by all means take care of it. I'd hate to think of it being a drag on you for the rest of your life. The knee is vital in so many ways that it's a shame you can't let a doctor have a look-see.

Try calling an orthopedist's office and explain that you don't have much money and could they let you pay for the visit on an installment basis. I'm sure they'll work with you.Health Question & Answer

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