A bump on my head after i got a concussion?!

Question: A bump on my head after i got a concussion.?
kay so i got a concussion last september my hitting heads with someone. Stupid i know but still i had a huge bump and the swelling went down and nothing wrong showed up in the catscan but its april and i still have a little bit of the bump and it hurts when i press on it. I dont no why it would still be there i mean the concussion went away in december.... What can it be.? please help out i really wanna no. Thanks best answer will be chosen.Health Question & Answer

Maybe you just heal slowly. I got badly bruised on my ankles from skateboarding. I got those bruises about 4 months ago, and I got an x ray on my legs about 2 months ago. They said everything is fine with me, I shouldn't have anything serious like a blood clot or anything and the bruises are still there and they still hurt when I touch them, so I think you shouldn't worry that much either if they did a catscan already.

If you still feel uncomfortable about it, it's always ok to get a second opinion, after all, your brain is very important and you don't want to take chances. Check it out again, and if you don't want to take another visit, just call one of the advisement departments at the hospital. A nurse should tell you if they think it's serious or not. : - )Health Question & Answer

That is a good question for your doctor. You don't have to feel embarrassed about asking that question, it has been plenty time for that to heal. An if the doctor tell you that you are over worried tell him that your friend was worry also and that is the truth. I am.

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