Lump under my jawline (dull pain when proded at)?!

Question: Lump under my jawline (dull pain when proded at).?
ok i was just touching my neck today and i felt this kinda lump thing under my jawline on my left side.
I was kinda poking it a lot and now it feels like a little irritated and sore, but does anyone have any idea of what it is.?
its really scaring a 15 year old female,
no one in my family has ever had cancer or anything....
can anyone help.?.?Health Question & Answer

I wouldn't worry about cancer. It sounds like an enlarged lymph gland. Possibly, you have been in contact with someone who has an infection of some sort, maybe a mild virus. Since you haven't displayed any symptoms of illness, I would think that the gland will probably shrink soon. If you develop a sore throat and a fever, go to your doctor. You are probably fighting off any infectious virus that you have come into contact with and that is why your lymph gland is enlarged.Health Question & Answer

probably your parotid gland which secretes saliva. or maybe an enlarged lymph gland which indicated infection. See your school nurse or family doctor if it's still there in a week. If it gets worse or you get a fever, have it checked soonerHealth Question & Answer

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See your doctor as soon as possible. Although it could just be an allergic reaction to something you have eaten.Health Question & Answer

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In this website there are a lot of information about it
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