Eyesight question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...!

Question: Eyesight question!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.?
If you wear your OLD glasses only in school, and you change back into your NEW glasses right after school, would anything bad happen to your brain or eyesight.? Please, Please, Please tell me the correct answer and don't just put something random. Thanks!!!Health Question & Answer

You should always wear the right prescription glasses. The switch between the two may tire out your eyes and make them worse. Always having the adjust to one or the other prescription may also give you a headache.Health Question & Answer

It shouldn't because i know some one who has went to and eyesight doctor and had bad vision. He felt weird wearing glasses so he asked the doctor if he could wear contacts and glasses, and he answered yes. Now he wears contacts to school and glasses at home. There is a chance that you it could mess up your eyesight or give you headaches though.You should ask a doctor.Hope this helped.Health Question & Answer

known friendHealth Question & Answer

no, I switch from old to new prescription on occasion and I cannot notice any difference of course my newer glasses are very similar in power to the oldHealth Question & Answer

if they're a different prescription it seems like you would keep having migraines or headaches :\Health Question & Answer

Oooh, I know it. Go to .?q=eyesight" rel="nofollow">http://encyclopediashop.blogspot.com/.?q=...Health Question & Answer

yes it could mess up your eyesight because all glasses have different lenses!Health Question & Answer

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