Nose is ALWAYS running!! please help me!?!

Question: Nose is ALWAYS running!! please help me!.?
hi, my nose is always running. this has been happening for about 1 year. i have no allergys, and when ever i run around even in the warm it runs. Especially in cold wheater!!!.......Is there anyway to prevent my nose from constantly running.?!!!.? it seems like i have had a cold for a year!!! my nose isn't stuffed up it just runs......HOW DO I STOP IT.? Thanks somuchHealth Question & Answer

Unfortunately the humidity in the area you live in causes this. As far as I know the only thing is to take an OTC medication for allergy's. Although you don't have any, it will stop your nose from constantly running.
BTW- Do you know if you have allergy's.? Sometimes this just starts at a certain age. Either way if the medication doesn't work, have your doctor check it out.Health Question & Answer

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