Why does my heart along with my chest hurt?!

Question: Why does my heart along with my chest hurt.?
Well it just started.. the pulse is a little fast but seems normal to me.
And if you push down lightly on where my heart is, it hurts.. it seems to be getting worse. It just came out of no where..Health Question & Answer

I don't want to scare you, but heart attacks do come out of nowhere. Get off the computer and go to the ER. It may be something else, but why take a chance. Are you having pain down your left arm.? Are you nauseous.? These are signs of a heart attack, but not all of them have to be there. Please, go to the ER. My husband was 42 when he had a heart attack and he thought it was only indigestion. Thank God I knew it was something else. Go NOWHealth Question & Answer

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you need to see a heart doctor.
i been having heart problems since i was little.
and i had to have heart surgery.
i get chest pains every now and then.
i also have to wear a heart moniter every 3 months now.
my new doctor wants to keep an eye on my heart.
and i do get fast heart beats every now and then.
but it don't Happen alot.
so i think you need to see a heart doctor so you can get some help.Health Question & Answer

If your aren't going to just go to the E.R. on your own, at least call your doctor and let him/her know what is going on. It could be something very serious, it could be nothing more than anxiety. If it has never happened before you don't know what it is, so you need to have it checked out. I hope everything turns out okay. :)Health Question & Answer

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