Plz help something wrong with my side?!

Question: Plz help something wrong with my side.?
ok so a few weeks ago i had this lil pain on my right side right under my rib nd i had it a few days that week then i didnt feel it any more and now it hurts really really bad and it kinda feels a lil swolen but like it feels like its really puffy like i cant explain it but it hurts and its like that feeling when you run for a while u get that pain in ur side but i didnt run and it hurts 10 times worse and i cnt really move either when i inhale it hurts really bad and when i exhale i feel like its got a lot of pressure on my side idk what it is and my dad said he had tht pain too then it when away but its been goin on for a few weeks now and it hurt a lil bit earlier today too but not as much but i just dont know what it is and it hurts so please helpHealth Question & Answer

Call the EMERGENCY room, NOW!! It is probably your appendix. It may be swollen, or infected, which is why it hurts like heck. i'd call the emergency room first, to see what else it COULD be, but ten to one bet it's your appendix. GO!!!Health Question & Answer

It may be a kind of Cancer, your dad probably still has it, but he's so used to it it dosent pain him anymore. Dose it feel like its eatting away to your spine.? If so your going to die, face the hard facts. (JK there is just a kind of cancer that dose that that kills you.)Health Question & Answer

Hmm, never heard of this Try going to the docter they can probably find out whats wrong..Or it might be...cramps.?.?.? I'm not sure....

P.s. Ignore Killy who just wanted the points and didn't help at all..Health Question & Answer

I had almost all of these symptoms and had to sat bye to my appendix....Health Question & Answer

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