I cut a small mole on my leg while shaving today, and it hasn't stopped bleeding?!

Question: I cut a small mole on my leg while shaving today, and it hasn't stopped bleeding.?
It has been about 10 hours of straight bleeding, not profusely, but enough to go through band aids.
Im concerned. any reasons/suggestions.?.?Health Question & Answer

You need more than just bandaids on there. Clean it up real good, put some petroleum jelly on it and cover it with a washcloth or bandages thick and tape it down. Look at it in the morning.Health Question & Answer

mmm... the bleeding part i'm not too sure about... It sounds big though. I would suggest making an appointment with a doctor just in case the mole might be cancerous. If the mole is cancerous, the cancer could spread, which is bad. If left untreated, it could be serious. I'm not trying to scare you, but this is true. So... theres a 50/50 chance something bad could happen. So... make an appointment with your doctor and ask him about what you did.
As for the bleeding, put a towel on it. Don't use bandaids until the bleeding is at a minimum.Health Question & Answer

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