What are the best things to do when trying to get over being sick?!

Question: What are the best things to do when trying to get over being sick.?
I'm pretty sure I have a cold but I haven't gotten sick in a good two years =D I don't do medicine because it all doesn't work for me. Any good tips.?Health Question & Answer

hot tea, and the real kind, none of that powdered stuff. White tea is good if you are achy, swollen, or just need some detox. Black tea is awesome for a stomach bug, unless its the flu, where you should avoid ingesting most anything. Green tea is also a good detox. You can drink these hot or cold of course. Hot tea will soothe your throat and help with congestion. If you can, try not to add sugar or milk to it, because that may upset your system if you are sick, plus milk when you feel unwell is usually a bad idea.Health Question & Answer

Vitamins! Drink orange juice or something healthy and chock-full of vitamins to boost your immune system. If you're worried about getting sick in general or worried about it getting worse, make sure you wash your hands often.Health Question & Answer

get Lots of rest.
and sleep alot.
and drink alot.
if you'r sickness get's wours call the doctor.
i had a very bad soar throat and a cold durning the winter time.
and it was very bad.Health Question & Answer

help me with my ques lol

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Watching KG yells to Pierce,that's a good medicineHealth Question & Answer

Drink lots of clear fluids and get plenty of sleep.Health Question & Answer

Lots of vitimin C and rest and plenty of fluids (no, beer doensnt count)Health Question & Answer

Drink some hot teas.

Bye :-)

Answer my question please.Health Question & Answer

Sleep alot.Health Question & Answer

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