One of my chickens dislocated a toe?!

Question: One of my chickens dislocated a toe.?
I noticed one of my hens was limping when she was walking. So I picked her up and noticed one of her toes was out of place and bent to the side. Her middle toe on her right foot to be exact. I moved her leg, and her toe curled along with her other toes, a sign that it was not broken. I then pushed the toe the opposite way it was bent, and then popped it back into place. It stayed in place for a few minutes, and then when I set her down to walk again it went right back to being crooked. Next I tried taping the toe so it would stay straight, but that didn't work. So finally right before she went to bed I taped her toe to another so that it would stay straight. I'm not sure if this is going to work. In fact, I'm not sure if I'm even doing this right. I've never had this happen before to one of my chickens so I'm not sure if it will heal or what. I just couldn't stand seeing her limping. I think she might've hurt her toe when she flew down from the coop and landed weird. Anyone have any ideas as to what I could possibly do.? Please help!

EDIT: My main concern is that I would like it to heal, and be like the way it was before.Health Question & Answer

You are going to have to tape the toes and then up the leg so it will stay put. try popping it back into place and immediatly tape it. I hope it heals soon.Health Question & Answer

Well.... that poor old chicken! Do you speak chicken.? Perhaps she isn't in that much pain, and she'd rather have her toe left alone. Seems like you've done whatever you could to straighten that thing out.

Ah... a chicken's life never doth run smooth!Health Question & Answer

chickens are very useful... even chicken feet. you can cut off the foot and make a basket of chicken fingers. money cash... dip them in some buffalo sauce and bleu cheeseHealth Question & Answer

Can you call a vet or take her to one.?.?.? Poor chicken.Health Question & Answer

I would take the chicken to the vet to be diagnosed and treated. It's always possible it could be more than a dislocated toe. also, if is a dislocated toe, the vet will know the correct procedure for bandaging the leg. I never self-treat my birds, unless I've been instructed to do so by a vet. I'd want to make sure the job is done right the first time, so that the chicken can heal properly. Too many complications can set in if the bandaging isn't done correctly.Health Question & Answer

Owned parakeets and finches for 15 yearsHealth Question & Answer

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