Can i train if i have a lower back pain?!

Question: Can i train if i have a lower back pain.?
I do push ups pull ups sit ups and some jogging.. the doctor told me to rest 2- 3 weeks i rest for 2 weeks and still i get this pain in my lower back.. i did MRI and X-ray .. the doc said that i'm completely fine but i just tired :S ... can't i just train lesser than before or something.? give me some advices people :P ( dont tellme to listen to the doc ) :PHealth Question & Answer

I think u should train lesser than before and u should sleep on hard surfaces. hope this helpsHealth Question & Answer

I would recommended consulting with a chiropractor. It may be that you need an adjustment to get the bones back in place.

Oh yeah, and listen to the doc. (sorry, couldn't resist).Health Question & Answer

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