Is lighting up a cigarette with matches bad for you?Instead of using a lighter?!

Question: Is lighting up a cigarette with matches bad for you.?Instead of using a lighter.?
if you light the cigarette the instant the match lights and inhale the first puff of smoke you do get some sulphur chemicals in your lungs. best to light the match and wait a couple of seconds until the match head has fully burnt before lighting. also dont inhale the first but of smoke.

its probably no worse than the actual cigarette but i find it tastes nasty.Health Question & Answer

If you must put a cigarette in your mouth at all, the trick of course is not to light it with anything, this reduces your risks considerably.Health Question & Answer

GP for more years than I care to rememberHealth Question & Answer

Smoking in general is bad for you.
And no, I don't think it would make a difference. I mean, fire is fire all it needs is oxygen heat and a fuel.Health Question & Answer

Fire is fire, whether caused by a the combustion of lighter gas, or the chemicals in matches.Health Question & Answer

It is the cigarette you should be most worried about being unhealthy! :)Health Question & Answer

Its not the lighter or the match its the cigarette that`s the culpritHealth Question & Answer

okay dude,, yu need to get a clue.. LIGHTING A CIGARETTE IS BAD FOR YOU. PERIOD!!!Health Question & Answer

meHealth Question & Answer

It's bad for you no matter what you light it with.Health Question & Answer

Yes. You have a greater chance of burning your nose.Health Question & Answer

What do you mean.? in regards to inhaling the fumes frm the match.? dunno sorryHealth Question & Answer

lighting a cigarette is bad for u either wayHealth Question & Answer

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