Iam sad I have a depression. I need to do something today with my husband. But I don't know what will make me happy. Don't say sex because Iam sad ;today help meHealth Question & Answer

Just go take a walk, get out in the sun and fresh air. Both exercise and sunlight will ease depression naturally.Health Question & Answer

If you know that you're sad and depressed then why aren't you getting help. Have you tried to talk to your husband about this.? If he loves you he may not understand, but I'm sure he'll want to know if there's anything he can do to help make you feel better. You can't keep him in the dark and expect him to be able to read your mind. But you're the one that needs the help. He deserves to know that you aren't happy and if he's not the cause then he has to know this too so he can help you get better. Whatever the cause it isn't going to go away by itself. Chances are you might know about when this happened but not the reason. That's were the help comes in. Not only do you need to know what caused the depression but how it started too. I know this may sound like the same thing but in many cases it's not. Allot more people are becoming aware of there feelings today. Since you don't say whether you have a job or any children I'm guessing that stress is not the cause. I may be wrong, but I'm thinking that it has more to do with your marriage. Whatever it is, please take some time to take care of yourself. Why shouldn't you.? There is no shame to being depressed. Heck, if more people would admit it then that's half the problem, so since you're already half way there then take a leap of faith. Please, make an appointment tomorrow with either a psychologist or psychiatrist tomorrow. The first step is the hardest. Good luck and God BlessHealth Question & Answer

Go to to the movies and see a comedy that both you and your husband want to see. Go out to dinner.

If you're depressed you need to get help.Health Question & Answer

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