How should i stop myself from killing myself?!

Question: How should i stop myself from killing myself.?
I am a 16 year old. My life is so jack up right now and i thinking about killing myself serouisly. And i want to know how i can stop myself in time before it happens. I really don't want help but i tryed but my school counselor didn't understand. And she want me to see a differnet counselor and i told her that their now sense in seeing another counselor and that i have to tell that counselor everything that i told her to the other one. And i really hate telling people that i don't know about my bussineess but i dont know what to do. ASAPHealth Question & Answer

I really think you need to ask for more counseling you are on the right track how ever, because you reached out to get help so in reality you don't want to commit suicide you just think you do. There are plenty of 1 800 numbers for you to call and may be you should really sit down with your parents and have a serious talk about this with out raising voices and letting it get out of control. times are tough during this age however life is not a bowl of flowers at all time everyone has problems that take a long time to work through however it's better to work throught hem and then sit look back on them and think wow I wasn't thinking right but i did the right thing. the more you talk to people the better you will feel because it will be off your shoulders/chest and there won't be so much presser.But not really knowing WHY you think these thoughts are kind hard . GOOD LUCK and remember theres more things to learn,do and accomplish in your life and you important to alot of people even if you think your not YOU ARE. SMILE and be HAPPY enjoy life and what lies in store for you.Health Question & Answer

Never be too proud of accepting help when you really need it. This is a serious situation and should not be taken lightly.

The reason your school counseler wants you to see another counseler is probably because she is ill-equipped to handle this serious situation. S/he may not have the qualifications or experience to help you and she might not have the qualifications to treat you. It might be illegal for her to give you advice or to prescribe you medicaiton if you are suffering from depression. If this is true, it would make perfect sense for her to reccomend someone else for you.

Sometimes, you have to open up to new people and keep telling them your story. It's part of the healing process.Health Question & Answer

I learned this in my psychology class in college. I also took therapy before myself when I was younger. I do not regret it and would recommend it to anyone. I found it to be very helpful and can only imagine how much worse things would be if I hadn't gone.Health Question & Answer

Try telling someone who you can trust and know that they will understand like your parents, your best friend, or even a friendly neighbor.
also think of positive things that have happen in your life and think about what would happen if you did kill your self that everyone would be sad and depressed. All I'm saying is that you need to think and talk to others about what would happen if you did die and why you want to.Health Question & Answer

16 is a stressful age. First do an inventory of all the things standing in the way of your happiness. Depression is not the opposite of happiness. It is the absence of it. Getting happiness is generally not as difficult as most think. The problem is: thinking about it in a depressed state, happiness always seems to be a distant goal, almost out of reach. I know it is aggravating to repeat everything to another counselor. Realize that some are more talented in this field than others. Some are just bureaucrats. Some are real therapists.

As much as you probably hate to do it, talking with your parents may do a world of good.

In any event solve for the problem that is causing the depression.

http://dep.8v.comHealth Question & Answer

DON'T DO IT. Killing yourself won't solve anything.

Life is too short. and you can't tell me that you never
want to smile again. You're obviously really unhappy
with life, but being happy again will make things change for you.

If I knew what was wrong, I could help more.
But you left out details of what the matter is.

Try finding someone / something to make you think
you have something to live for. That's what I would do.

The only thing you can do if make yourself think
you have something to live for and live up to it and
look forward to seeing it / doing it everyday.

Suicide isn't the answer. Please try to solve your
problem before it's too late. I wish you the best.

twloha?Health Question & Answer

Hi, I think you should really think things through, life is hard and can get really really hard at times its just the way life is. But killing yourself is not an answer. You need to seek counseling, can you call one of those suicide hotlines.? And just speak to someone about this. When you do kill yourself there is no turning back, you have one life and it is very very short! When you kill yourself you go straight to hell! Imagine eternity in hell! You think your suffering now, you will be in endless torture and pain burnng in hell forever!! Do you have any type of Church near you.? Maybe you could go speak with a Pastor or a counseler in the Church for some type of guidance. Please dont hurt yourself, there is alot of help available to you out there!!!Health Question & Answer

everyone has a jacked up life at some point in thier life, especially around 16. I think i had a break down at that age. But i think you have to understnd that life gets better. Think about all the things there are out there for you to explore. but anyway here is a phone number to call 1800 SUICIDE (its not a joke, its a hot line and you can talk to many professionals) please call. Don't be scared its anonymous. I had a friend who actually tried commiing suicide a number of times and he said the line helped onceHealth Question & Answer

There are special teen crisis hotlines (see the link below). Give them a call and they can help you.Health Question & Answer Question & Answer

just dont do it dont even think about it .
speak to your parents .
go talk to a priest or minister just anything to help yourselfHealth Question & Answer

Listen- you say you don't want help, but be honest- you need help. There is a very good chance you have severe depression, and like any other illness, it needs to be treated. You can't just ignore it until it goes away. I understand not wanting to tell someone you don't know your business, but you're going to have to be brave and open up. You could call the suicide hotline, or you could just see this other counselor, as much as you don't want to.

I understand how annoying it is to have to open up to someone you've barely met, but they can't help you if you're not honest with them. Believe me, I've had experience with depression, it's not fun, I know. But if you don't open up, these feelings won't go away.

Don't kill yourself. Open up to this counselor. Once you tell your story, it'll open so many doors for possible treatments. Have faith, this will get better. Best of luck.Health Question & Answer

I think everyone has been so depressed at times that this thought has come across their minds too. When I was 15 i made some bad decisions and I too thought about this and how it would just be easier and make everything go away. But honestly it is not the right thing to do. You only live once and it doesn'tt matter if you have messed things up right now...your still young!! Everything can still change! So pleasedon'tt kill or hurt yourself because I think your going to be happy that you didn't. I mean things might not change right now or maybe even within a few years, but you never know what your going to have in your future. You might just meet that one person ( a friend or maybe a love) that will change everything for you :) You should get a new counselor because talking to someone that you can tell everything to and not have anybody you know find out is seriously awesome...wellthat'ss what i think lol
6 of my friends are depressed and take medications for thier depressions and it helps me remember that no ones life is perfect...even if they seem like their always happy and everything is great their faking it.
So go on with your life and try to live it to the fullest because you never know what great things are going to happen for you :)Health Question & Answer

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