Weight issues... anyone the same?!

Question: Weight issues... anyone the same.?
How come I cant loose weight.?

Iam over 150 kilos and I have had 3 children and of cause I have put on weight all I eat is

4 weetbix with milk for breakfast

1 ham sandwich for lunch

And for dinner I have 1 potato and 2 rissoles

This is all I have for my diet everyday and I ain
Yes! I also have BPD. I have also worked in the medical field for years. Zyprexa is definitely a weight gainer drug. So is Seroquel and Depakote. Hey, and I've also had 3 kids.

Anyway, as I have pointed out, most of the mood stabilizing drugs have that side effect. Don't compromise your health by limiting Your diet. I don't eat much either. But you do have to increase your activity. Even a daily walk will help, If you are not into strenuous exercise, look into Tai Chi or yoga.

Don't stop taking your meds, there is a healthy balance!Health Question & Answer

I put on 20kgs when i was on effexor xr. I can understand how unhappy this in itself makes u let alone the other issues u have. The reason is effexor and other antidepressants slow everything down to calm u but it also slows down things like your metabolism and all that. I was lucky I got better and slowly got myself off the effexor and i have lost half of the weight so far but u are right it is not what yor eating as such it has alot to do with the effexor xr. Try asking your doc if u can change meds my doc did for me at the end of being on antidepressants. Take care and good luck Health Question & Answer

Get your thyroid checked out. Im the same and I have an underactive thyroid. Its a pain cos I do try to eat healthy but I dont eat enough some days and I have to force small meals down. Dont get disheartened though as it wouldnt be the world it is if everyone was skinny. It depends if you are happy with yourself and happy.Health Question & Answer

yes it probably is. it causes you to eat more, but also it messed ur metabolism completely just like all other anti psychotics or depressants. thats just something the doctors forget to mention i guess.Health Question & Answer

you can only loose weight from exercise, eating better wont do anything....Health Question & Answer

diet and exerciseHealth Question & Answer

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