How can i stop my misbehavior?? ?!

Question: How can i stop my misbehavior.?.? .?
How can I stop misbehaving .?.... I have BPD.(BORDERLINE PERSONALITY DISORDER) And I have a tendency to keep picking at my husband and he gets angry with me and I cant help I really cant I don
Just do as they advise you, and remember you can help it! It is very hard to but you can!
You have your own freewill and you can just say no to yourself, say NO I won't pick at my husband because I don't want to upset him and I don't want to be unhappy!

You make your own decisions and you can decide what you want to do with them, Options:

A. Pick at your husband and let this syndrome take control.?
B. Just decide not to.

I know its not as simple as it sounds but no one is forcing you to be like that it's just a syndrome, call it a habit if you want but this is just another thing you will have to overcome in your life.

If you don't stop this it might even eventually cost you your marriage.
Good luck is all I can say, the rest is up to you.Health Question & Answer

Meditation is the best medicine for this. Daily in the early morning without any disturbance practice meditation for 15 or 20 minutes time. If possible do it evening also. Definitely you will get better result within a week or so. Pray God whenever possible. Practice yoga exercise also. If you do meditation, yoga and walking, you need not go to doctor at all. Best wishes.Health Question & Answer

Okay, besides picking on your husband, can you use the button below your question ( the 3rd one) and add details.? Tell us what kind of misbehavior.? This is probably the reason no one has answered, we need a better/clear picture.Health Question & Answer


A surefire way to avoid hurting people is to put yourself fin their shoes. just ask yourself when you get angry "how would it make me feel if someone was picking at me."

anyway, it sound like your social worker and your doctor are giving you good advice so you definitely don't need Yahoo answers people telling you what to do. Just follow your doctor's advice and you will make progress. Health Question & Answer

Well and you are well cause you asked im no phd ,but ill try too talk w/ ya candice so here it is . i dont know w/ the misbehavior is your up to ,but you know youre doing it so its hard to put the brakes on abt that but u r doing it over agian so try s-thing else just once yea and abt the BPP ahh listen we all have it and a bunch of other stuff i dont know your agges and ANGER w/ guys is a totaly different animal then frustration of not knowing w/ is going on he is your husband and loves ya as u to him so.all of us as humans have lots of feelings going at every second always and you two got a thing about yours . YOU did one thing and all the others will be rite and you asked and you did here no names or faces good 1 . so you snap now and then well we all do its the level of snapping i think so --- if you go to a door and it just doesnt open as freely as it should can you give it a bit of extra love too open it .? its a small start too walking through that door till it falls off its own hinges you will pass right through w/ no prob its just one TURN OF A NOB to ONE DOOR being open and it does take a little bit at a time easy to read but try it out i feel you ok it will pass as you will be able to walk outside or your quiet time walk dont rush it look around and enjoy it your not running away you r trying too run it your way and a bit at a time im not even going too go into the pills you taking i see that but try a new insterment for picking and you dont have to be good at what YOU pick its your choice YES! could go for days yapping abt this stuff i hope the best 4 you and your man good luck ROC...Health Question & Answer

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