Why am i so pissed off, i have more than i wanted.?!

Question: Why am i so pissed off, i have more than i wanted..?
the smallest things are pissing me off. although i'm sleeping 7-8hrs a day i feel tired and feel as if i haven't slept enough :(Health Question & Answer

Are you waking up to an alarm clock or your own bodys natural clock. I bet that if you are waking up to an alarm clock you aren't getting enough sleep. Sometimes your body needs more sleep than usual. could be your hormones. Sometimes you just can't control that. The answer is, could be anything. Could be a dream you had last night that has you in an uproar even though you don't remember it. Could be that something is bothering you and you need to deal with that. could just be it's time for your cycle and your homones are out of whack. Health Question & Answer

you need also to go to your dr to ask for support and if you need to talk to a counsellor but also get a blood test see if you have vitamin and iron low levels in your system because this could be causing your tiredness leading to you feel depressed and also have you ever suffered sad seasonal adverse disorder I don t know where in the world you are but if you are in the uk and the cold and dark weather is coming then it causes low moods big style but go and get your iron levels checked first of if you just want to take a course of multi vitamins for a month from the chemist or supermarket they may too help start there good luckHealth Question & Answer

u could be low on vitamin B12. being pissed and tired even if u've slept well is some of the symptoms. if ur nervous, cant concentrate, forget things fast, moody and so on then u should take B12 tablets and folic acid u'll get better:)
good luckHealth Question & Answer

i feel the same, don't know why.Health Question & Answer

nerves system relex alotHealth Question & Answer

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