Is there a therapy term for being addicted to Yahoo Answers?!

Question: Is there a therapy term for being addicted to Yahoo Answers.?
How you ever imagined about someone who is obsessed and addicted to Yahoo Answers. And if this person went to therapy what would the therapist diagnosed them with. Make up one and I'll choose the best one!Health Question & Answer

YAOCD - Yahoo Answers Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

or just "yoked" for short.Health Question & Answer

Yahoo addict-addiction is addiction and you can be addicted to anything-obsession, compulsive you may want to find help if this is you!Health Question & Answer

incurable boredomHealth Question & Answer

How about get a life and go back to school, lolHealth Question & Answer

Maybe I need to contact YAOCD too.Health Question & Answer

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