What can I do? (Help please from those who are getting treatment for depression)?!

Question: What can I do.? (Help please from those who are getting treatment for depression).?
I have made the decision to go to my doctor and tell him how I was feeling he has prescribed me an "antidepressant" called WELLBUTRIN XL 150G TABLETS and I said to myself I want to get better and don't feel the way I feel right now (I told myself) that the only way to get better is to put trust in the professionals and listen to my body and get well.

My question is to everyone is (on an "antidepressant"):

Is what else do you do to make yourself COPE with your depression and through treatment.?

Well this change my personality.? (I am usually and outgoing person, full of life and perky!) right now I am in the dumps... I don't want to lose myself completely.


What do you do for the long run so your body will not get dependent of the Medication.? (I am trying to take one step at a time and not get overwhelmed by this treatment).

Thank you :)Health Question & Answer

I've taken Wellbutrin XL in the past for about two years and now am on it again. My doctor told me you cannot get addicted to it and it won't harm your body even if you take it for years. Besides taking an antidepressant, you really need to be talking to someone-professional. Your depression will change your personality and the medication helps you balance out and be able to deal with the reason you are depressed. Here is where the counseling comes in. Best of luck to you!Health Question & Answer

I have a friend of min who is on the least amount of medication possible for her depression so she wont be dependent on them. To answer you question it all depends on the severity, body chemistry, motivation to recover, etc. It is possible though because I know people who have depression and are off meds.

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Just curious why you put anti depressant in quotes.

First of, anti depressants are not magic happy pills. If depression is because of circumstances in your life that just need coping, its not really going to help.

However clinical depression is because of neurotransmitters in the brain being off. Welbutrin works on dopamine and norenephrine. It rebalances the brain to work the way it SHOULD be working on its own. It is like someone with diabetes taking insulin. Anti depresants are not pain killers, they are not to drug you up to not feel the depression like so many people think. They are just to rebalance things to how they should be.

After a few weeks on the med, if its not helping, or side effects are too bad, or you feel really off, then it is not the right med for you or your dose isnt right. Communicate that with your Dr and they will change it. If its not working could be that your seretonin is what is off....which wellbutrin does not effect but other anti depressants will. If you dont feel like yourself or feel drugged up then it is wrong med or too high dose for you. Dr will change that as long as you tell them

And most anti depressants are not addictive. You do have to taper off when you stop them or else they will throw your brain off if you dont, but they are not addictive like pain killers. There are a couple that are (paxil being one i know has bad withdraw) but most are not addictive. Wellbutrin is not.Health Question & Answer

Hi Chica, From what you've written, you're depressed. The anti-depressant will help you feel better, but the important thing is to find out what is causing you to be depressed, which can be something medical - such as a chemical imbalance, or something that's occurred that you need counseling to find out what it is, and how to work through and deal (cope) with it.

I take Wellbutrin SR (150 mg) in the morning, and Lexapro (10 mg) in the evening, for depression and anxiety. I've been taking that for over a year and a half, and it's working very well for me. I'm also getting counseling every other week - which has done more good than I would have ever guessed. And, I feel SO much better, too.

If you have any questions or want to talk, send me a message.

Best of Luck - and Happiness - to You :-)
Paul.Health Question & Answer

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