Why do you care if i die?!?!

Question: Why do you care if i die.?!.?
so im 13
a girl
not pretty
not ugly
people are always telling other people not to cut
why should they care.?
they're MY wrists to cut anyway.
and honestly.....
so what if i DO kill myself.?
i mean why should someone care.?
it's MY life to take....
and anyway,
i probably wont kill myself.
i've tried it before. i stopped myself as i was about to lose consiousness so i probably wont do that again. but seriously
if i heard someone was gonna die i'd try to convince them not to.
but still. they wouldn't be ME.
so my question here is if someone was like..... totally a screw up....
then why would it matter if they die.?!
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Every human life is precious, so it is sad when one ends. I cannot stop you or anyone else from doing such a thing, but I can tell you this: Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Look at it this way... If you find that your life is dreadful, it has to start getting better, because things can't possibly get worse! Just hang in there, please. Hopefully, I was able to help.Health Question & Answer

Have you thought about people that you're actually close to.?
Family members.?
You would hurt them more than you think you would be hurting yourself... because yes, they care about you.

Cutting yourself or trying to kill yourself isn't the answer to every messed up thing that is going on in your life. You have to take action in trying to make it better. There are more good than bad in life.Health Question & Answer

You should be grateful people care about you. Nobody makes them do it, they just do. I feel sorry for you, so I won't say it won't affect me whether you die or not, but seriously, what kind of question is that to ask strangers on the internet.?Health Question & Answer

because every life is important!! even if they're ungrateful for the life that they have!
thats why there's doctors and firemen .. to save lives!
and by the way, ur life is not ur own .. its God's and u will have to answer to Him one day..whether u believe in Him now or not..Health Question & Answer

every life is important and your on this earth for a reason no one should kill themselfs for any reason Health Question & Answer

um holy shi.t your only 13 go get some helpHealth Question & Answer

Because a lot of us have been 13 and depressed, felt ugly, felt inadequate in some way.

And having lived though that, we know it will get better, even though it's hell now.

So we don't want you to die over this, because someday you'll be 20-something and glad you didn't kill the 13- year old you, because you wouldn't have a wonderful life now.

And yeah, we're concerned about the people who love you (and I know someone does, even if you won't see it now). Suicide is a really selfish choice, as the pain you leave behind will make life hell for your loved ones.

Please get some help.Health Question & Answer

NOBODY IS COMPLETALLY A SCREW UP. i feel like i screw up a lot, but that doesn't mean it wouldn't matter if i died. I'm sure there's something you are good at. Think of positive things. And you're only thirteen you have a whole life ahead of you. I don't know you, but i'd be sad if you were to kill yourself. i have a fourteen year old little sister and she use to cut herself. I felt so hurt and so sad that she did that. yeah it's her body, but i'm her sister and why didn't she come talk to me or something.? you have family members why not talk to them.? if you have no one you can talk to me. Life is hard and i've even considered suicide, but couldn't do it because my family. If you wanna talk i'll listen my email is vkehrer@yahoo.comHealth Question & Answer

Some of us honestly believe in the value of each and every human being, that's why. I happen to think everyone has something they can share with the rest of us, and it's a shame to lose that gift without trying to save the person. Your life is yours, yes- but it has value to many other people besides you, some of whom you haven't met yet. You are only 13, with no idea of what you are capable of yet, nor what all you have locked up inside you. I don't think anyone is a total screw up. There are people who make bad decisions, go the wrong way- yes. They may continue to do so because they can't see any way out. So if I can help them by my efforts, my humanity requires I do so. Someday it may be me laying there on the ground panting, and I think I would appreciate somebody lending me a hand. If I am not willing to lend one, how can I have that hope in somebody else.? Your life is a precious gift, not something to be tossed away or thrown away because you don't fit the mold you think (or anyone else thinks) you should fit in. We none us us have the right to say who is more precious and fit to live, we lack the wisdom to make that call. So if I found you trying to kill yourself, even not knowing your name, your history, anything- I would feel compelled to try to convince you your life was worth saving. Because I know it is, even if you have yet to discover your own worth.Health Question & Answer

Well the reason I care about you is because god loves you and you are very special that is the reason why ,you are cared about. Whether you believe it or not . You are still very young, and peer pressures, and just being a young woman, it sometimes get hard. But if you know about Jesus, who will always love you and care for you. So every chance that you get try to just talk to Jesus, he will listen ,even when you think that he is not listening to you.Try to get more involved with a good church , where there is a good young teen church bible study group.Try to do things that make you feel good about your self. find a good positive hobbies, stay focus on the good things around you. Ask your personal angel to guide your steps and keep you safe You are loved. Always believe this, no matter what comes at you.Health Question & Answer

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