Do you think suicide is wrong?!

Question: Do you think suicide is wrong.?
If you know that you've had enough and you want out, is it wrong to kill yourself.?.? Even if you know that it will hurt so many people...your family, friends, school and entire community.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

I don't think so. It's unfortunate, a tragedy, but you can't tack moral values onto it- it's not "wrong". It's simply what happens when your pain exceeds your coping ability, especially when it happens over a long time

I hate it when people say "suicide is cowardly" or "suicide is a sin." It's so judgmental. What is mildly painful to one person may be devastating to another person, and the circumstances of our lives give us different levels of coping ability. It's a lot easier for people to fight problems, for example, if they're not depressed - it saps all your energy. And some problems can't be confronted, they're too vague, so this gives you a huge amount more trouible. It depends on each individual case, so you can't just say "suicide is wrong"Health Question & Answer

if you really feel you want to kill yourself, it is essential you get help with those feelings. everyone feels this way at different times...but feelings do pass. you must seek help if you are at risk of hurting yourself. talk to someone at school asap and they will find a way to help you. your family deserves to know how unhappy you are before you make such a drastic choice. Health Question & Answer

No, its not. It also especially no ones fault the majority of people who kill themselves are depressed and to them its the only way out. I wouldn't say you should be happy for them but either way no matter how much your hurt/other people you have to respect their feelings in it,Health Question & Answer

Yes suicide is wrong. but....
When you get so depress, your mind is filling up "there is no way to get out". Your mental state doesn't make sense that there are other ways and it makes it easier to think these thoughts of suicide. All your thoughts are focus on yourself and not family, friends etc.Health Question & Answer

Suicide is not a moral issue (as in right or wrong). It is an indication of confusion, pain and depression.
People who commit or attempt suicide are not "right" or "wrong". Nor do they want to die.
THEY WANT THE PAIN TO STOP.Health Question & Answer

it is called an permanent solution to a temporary problem.
and I don't believe it's a coward that does it, they just
lost the ability to cope.Health Question & Answer

Often people who commite suicide have metal issues that they can no longer control. I think its wrong but on the other hand if u haven't experienced it 1st hand then u shudnt judge othersHealth Question & Answer

I can't really say whats wrong and right for other people because it's not my life, and I don't know. For me personally it would be wrong yes.Health Question & Answer

I think it is a terribly permanent solution to what is always a temporary problemHealth Question & Answer

yes indeed...
Only God must decided to give or take a life...Health Question & Answer

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