Help needed for a growing teenage son of 13 yrs old!!?!

Question: Help needed for a growing teenage son of 13 yrs old!!.?
my only son does not sleep at night but sleeps during the he normal. he claims that he enjoys the peace at should i overcome this prob.Health Question & Answer

Pretty typical of a teenage boy. I raised three of them and if I'd let them they all would have slept all day and stayed up all night.

My youngest son gave me the least problem in this area because I finally learned from my experience with the first two. Fortunately he was an athletic kid so it didn't take much encouragment to keep him so busy during the day that he was exhausted by midnight, if he managed to stay awake that late.

In my experience, the easiest solution is to make sure they participate in some activity during the day that they can't do at night. Give him a reason to want to stay awake during the day. Of course he's got school during the week but if he's napping after school he's not going to be tired enough to sleep at a decent hour.

We've all experienced getting our nights and days switched. When you've been up all night you can't help but sleep during the day. Ocassionally, I don't think it hurts to let them stay up late and sleep until noon but I don't think it's a great idea to let them sleep all day or they really get their internal clock flipped. The facts are, that unless he moves to Las Vegas he will need to be able to function during the day and he needs to learn now.
Make it less fun to be up at night. No TV, telephone, computer use or video games after midnight, if you have to, flip the circuit breaker for his room. He's doing something at night that he enjoys doing. It's not likely he's staring at the walls all night.

Good luck during the next several years. This is the age our little loves start testing the waters and deciding they know better than we do.
If he gives you the kind of trouble you never thought he would, remember to stay strong, he'll come out of it. My three boys are 22 to 36 and they're all very close to me dispite the fact that they accused me of being a tyrant in their teens :).
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I think that's a good argument, lol... it's definitely quieter at night when everyone (mostly) has gone to rest. Well, if your son has school and things that he needs to get done during the day that could possibly be a problem when school hours are when he's in bed sleeping. If you don't suspect him doing drugs, then just talk to him and teach him how to be a responsible young adult. He's going to have to learn how to be awake "normal" hours if he's going to hold down a good job... other than working at a gas station during graveyard. I don't think it's a huge thing to worry about, but keep an eye on him. What an angel you are as a parent to care about him to ask for help here.

God bless you and your son and your reality and your paths!Health Question & Answer

It might not be a problem. Maybe your son enjoys the quiet. Maybe he prefers being alone during the night, when all the stars are out. What does he do at night.? Just lay in bed or does he walk around or does he look at the stars.
He might be a poet and he gets his inspiration at night.

Is this affecting his school.?Health Question & Answer

Some people - such as myself - are just night owls. I come alive at night, always have. I assume he is still managing his schooling and his grades are good.? If so, then I wouldn't worry about it too much. It is not easy for us to change our ways, but it is possible. When I had to work first shift, I did it somehow. But I did lose sleep on a nightly basis and turned to OTC sleep aids which should best be avoided. If his schooling is not hurt by it, I say allow him to be who he is. Health Question & Answer

Depends, is it causing a problem if not.? Let sleeping dogs lie as they say, lol. If so then check out this link it should help you out.? :)

Have a great day ;)Health Question & Answer

i do that im 13 yr old- its just to get away and think- no biggy trust me.Health Question & Answer

let him live with batsHealth Question & Answer

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