Cutter not stopping....?!

Question: Cutter not stopping.....?
im a cutter but ive been caught.. i need ideas of where else i can cut that no one else will see. ive cut my arms my legs and my stomach and got caught. PLEASE dont tell me to quit... when i think i need help ill get it but this is all i have to stay sane rite now. pleas give me ideasHealth Question & Answer

Hi hon. I used to be a cutter for 3 years. I'm not going to make you stop. I know it makes you feel better. I was in love with cutting. It was the answer to everything. I cut on my thighs/tummy/ankles. Just anywhere that you can hide with clothes. Do not cut on your arms. They will check there every time. If you have P.E just wear long work-out pants.Health Question & Answer

hey. i cut too...umm i got cought with stomach, arms, and legs 2...i cut my shoulders or like back of my hand...on my hips 2...rly cut newhere that stays the hallway. in the lockeroom. everywhere. and be careful...being in the hopitle with needles up ur arm geting a blood tranfusion is not fun...and u told me not to tell u to quit but u not gonna try to convine u to. or try to make u quit...or do jus saying wen ur ready u need to figure out how to stop...kk.? btw i like to make u can IM me if u hav ne questions or jus wanna talk...i also no how it feels to wanna end ur life so u can talk to me bout that too...ttyl maybeHealth Question & Answer

simple... your thighs, or the bottoms of your feet... if you have phys ed, do it farther up your thighs

I do recommend that you quit when you think you can... it really gets to be addicting, and you can start to rely completely on cutting to help you get byHealth Question & Answer

friends. thats where to stop be with friends more you'll feel better and soon you wont even want to cut.
Or if you must use a rubber band and snap that where you want to cut.
That way no one can catch you. You wont have scars and it still gives close to the same feeling.Health Question & Answer

I feel so sorry for you whats wrong with you why do you do that.? doesn't it hurt you.? I would advise you to stop you can hurt yourself really bad you need help! plus your leaving all these ugly scars all over your body.Health Question & Answer

i seeing as you don't want to stop...

the chest, hips, stomach, tops of arms, shoulders and thighs are pretty private places...Health Question & Answer

The top of your arms near your shoulder. I know how you feel I have told my mother I cut because I have serious guilt issues. Thats now where I cut.Health Question & Answer

try cutting ur thighs that works for me but when im in school i use a rubber band thing where i snap in on my wrist it really works I UNDERSTAND!!!Health Question & Answer

Your knees so it will look like you just trip on some sharp rocks.
But you gotta stop doing this one day...

- KRHealth Question & Answer

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