I keep walkng out of shops with out paying?!

Question: I keep walkng out of shops with out paying.?
I keep on forgetting to pay and just walk out the shop im a necrophiliac.?
i dont want to get in trouble. i dont realise im doing it.Health Question & Answer

You do not say how old you are. If you are in your fifties and female it may be stress due to menopause, or even early onset of alzheimers, your GP can send you for simple tests to see what is going on. If you are young it may be a stress symptom or a symptom of an illness or disorder that only your doctor will be able to recognise.You need to go now before you are caught and get into trouble for something that is almost certainly not in your control.
some symptoms of alzheimers really do have such memory lapses and you need to be seen, if only to put your mind at rest and get help
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OMG. Necrophilia is having sex with dead bodies, honey. You are a shoplifter. I'm sorry, but I just don't believe you "keep forgetting" to pay. Once.? Ok. But more than that and you are taking things without paying for them--and you do it on purpose.
Get some help right away.
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If you don't do it on purpose, no. And, I could be wrong, but isn't a necrophiliac someone who is sexually attracted to dead people.?Health Question & Answer

Sounds kinda funny. Do you get away with it or do you always get caught.?
If I were you, I'd keep a note saying, 'DON'T FORGET TO PAY' or always take a friend with me to remind me.Health Question & Answer

erm a necrophiliac is someone that is attracted to and gets turned on by dead bodies lol i think you mean kleptomaniac

http://www.thefreedictionary.com/necroph...Health Question & Answer

Hey can you get me a laptop too, and I won't tell them about your fascination for stiff's, OK Thanks
See your doctor
SHealth Question & Answer

How can you forget to pay the registers are right by the door.Health Question & Answer

Sounds like your under stress just be aware of this issue and try to remember Health Question & Answer

a necrophiliac is someone who has sex with dead people...do u mean a kleptomaniac.? lmaoHealth Question & Answer

What.? You have sex with dead bodies too.?

I guess you mean you're a kleptomaniac.Health Question & Answer

A necrophiliac is someone that has sex with dead bodies. I think you're in fact what we might call a theif!Health Question & Answer

you like to have sex with dead bodies
& u walk out of store with out payin .?.?
im confusedHealth Question & Answer

Before you realise it..... Get us a new Laptop.. :))Health Question & Answer

i don't know... what you want us to say.? it's hard to miss cash desks in most shops...Health Question & Answer

good excuse thanks i'm gonna use it nxt time i get caught

jks rilly idkHealth Question & Answer

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