Should I be concerned if...? ?!

Question: Should I be concerned if....? .?
I was reffered to the counselor of my high school today by a teacher because she found my assignment disturbing; should I be concerned of being sent to mental facilities or anything of sorts.?


My English teacher was worried when she read that I inhale white-out to stay awake in my math class. I told her I only sleep about 2 hours a day and sometimes not at all.

So am I in danger of being sent to a mental place.? I'm not crazy, I'm just a typically honest person.

Can anyone tell me what to expect.? The help is deeply appreciated. Health Question & Answer

I would not worry about it... It is not a society now like in "one flew over the cuckoos nest", lol. You will probably have to speak the the school shrink, parents will be called, and at worst you will get outpatient treatment and see a psychiatrist or therapist to help you out. Health Question & Answer

The teacher did exactly what she was suppose to do. Sniffing anything for stimulating purposes is unhealthy. Stop sniffing anything and if you are not sleeping that is a sign of something going on with you. All you have to do is talk about what is going on in your life with a therapist-and no it does not mean you are crazy!
Sometimes life is extreme and difficult and you may need a therapist to help you resolve what is going on with you-good luck and don't sweat it!Health Question & Answer

I wouldn't worry too much about what your teacher, but you should be a bit concerned about yourself. You are doing unhealthy things to your body, and if you aren't sleeping, maybe you need to find out why. No one is going to send you away to some hospital, but it would be a good idea to see the counselor or see a therapist or psychologist outside of school. Just be honest. Health Question & Answer

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