How can I stop over analyzing things?!

Question: How can I stop over analyzing things.?

I over analyze stuff and think into things to deeply. How do you get your self to stop doing that.? Health Question & Answer

I have the same problem too but i realize that you cannot make yourself stop analyzing all together.

We use our senses all the time. We see with our eyes, we touch with hands, we taste our foods. There are an overwhelming amount of information to take in but we don't take in everything. We are selective at what we focus our attention in. What we focus on are what we analyze.

Analylizing is not a bad thing because it helps us solve practical problems that we can fix. However, analyzing things that are not as simple as a mathematical problem, may make us exaggerate nonessential things into being more important than they really are.

The important thing is what you analyze. There's lot of things I analyze that are really useless like what that other person meant when he said something to me and what he meant by it and what is his intentions, etc. These aren't useful because i can't read someone else's mind.

It's still is a challenge for me because i often get stuck in analysing stuff but really i need to realize that it does not mean that i am accurate in my thinking. Overanalysing stuff does not mean that I am closer towards a truth. It's mostly speculation that may or may not be true.

If you analyze things that are not beneficial to you, you just have to refocus on what you're trying to do accomplish. If you're driving a car, focus on driving the car and where you're going.

I try to set myself in the right mood and being positve so I go on to youtube and do a search on motivational speech and listen to the Samuel Jackson or Al Pacino.
If there's a favourite motivating movie scene that made you feel positive, you should watch it when you are feeling down.
Watching movie scenes does help me put me in a different mood so i try to choose videos that won't make me analyse my own life in a bad way.

It takes takes lots of practise and lots of patience for me but i am grateful when i can get out of these gloomy thoughts.

This is important to me because i think that what i think a lot is a lot of crap and it holds me back from doing things that would be more important to me.

I also notice that if i am not very busy or if i alone more often, i will analyze even more. Keep busy and having a social is important to me.

You may be different in the way that you think is important to you or what motivates you but I hope i helped in some way. We're all different and unique.

Learn about yourself about what you need. Be patient but be good to yourself most importantly and the people in your life.Health Question & Answer

Find a hobby you enjoy doing that doesn't take much thinking, and more reflexes and quick strategies. Like soccer. Or tennis, or any such sport.

also if this is not for you then every time that you over analyze pinch yourself. So you notice your habit and the numerous times you do it. Health Question & Answer

If I told you that I was battling that my whole life, that wouldn't help right .?

What helps me is talking with a close friend who confesses they do it. You might soon find out that what you call "over-analyzing" is something that everyone else does, but they just don't talk about it because of social etiquette etc etc.Health Question & Answer

you stop analyzing things through recreation: going for a walk, reading, listening to music, eating, playing video games, watching a movie.Health Question & Answer

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