Do You Ever have the feeling you're being watched?!

Question: Do You Ever have the feeling you're being watched.?
i know its random, and i'm home alone and bored.

but its weird because when i'm home alone, i feel like someone is always watching me. and sometimes when i'm alone, i hear things that aren't really there; like sometimes i hear the TV on late at night, when its not really on. and sometimes, and i know this sounds weird, i hear my friend's voices in my head. (i'm probably just paranoid after watching too many scary movies, or i'm so accoustom to the sounds and voices, i just hear them when its quiet).

But seriously, do you ever feel like your not alone, when you really are.?

^^ that sounded so creepy after rereading it.Health Question & Answer

fellow twilight fan!
OMG, ive always wondered the same thing!!
i swear my house is haunted because i always hear the TV late at night when everyone else is asleep and i'm not.
i wish i knew the answer, but a scientist i know once told me that the music//voices you hear sometimes, can be traced back to something to do with space and the geometrical postitioning of the earth.
just a theory though.
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I get this too. I try to tell people about it and they agree until I tell them about voices or hearing the tv. Then they look at me weird and I have to pretend I was joking! Its nice to find someone else that gets it coz I dont feel as weird now. Or we can be weird together!

Thing is though I do have bipolar, and a symptom of this can be paranoia. Look it up a bit on google and see if you can relate to it. It might just be a funny little quirk of yours, but it couldnt hurt to check. Health Question & Answer

Yeah, I do...
And it's the exact same way. But I grew up in an immensely religious home, so it kind of made me paranoid. I hear a noise and I either think Jesus is coming back, or the opposite. =P It's weird.
And I hear voices...not like, evil voices that tell me to kill people or anything, just like a constant chattering in my head. Sounds weird, but what exactly is normal.?Health Question & Answer

weird, that happens to me like, all the time, mostly when im scared or worried. But somtimes when im reding and night and my family is asslep i get these weird buzzing nosie in my ear and it goes away once i stop thinking about. Weird, right.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

all the time i feel like im being watched and idk y. last night i had a dream that my ex boyfriend had a gun to my head and whne i woke up i was peeing my bed. Since this morning i've been watching my back.Health Question & Answer

yeah i do. i know exactly what you mean.
well, i get really paranoid cos im scared of the unknown..
like ghosts or bad spirits or something,

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yes yes i feel like that too i hear voice when im on my own i feel like im being watched by the unknown and stuff help with mine

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yes yes yes
i hate it if im alone i get super paranoid and freak out if im with a group of people i constantly look behind meHealth Question & Answer

yes i feel like that all the time. scares the crap out of me. im feeling that right now, out of random i guess..Health Question & Answer

thats a disease its called being weetoddedHealth Question & Answer

i know whats wrong your having a bad trip. Health Question & Answer

Yes....Health Question & Answer

yeah Health Question & Answer

Yes! Especially when Im washing my face or in the bathroom alone.
*Shivers and looks over shoulder*Health Question & Answer

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