I am really confused?!

Question: I am really confused.?
Hey, I think I might be depressed.

At times, I feel as if I am the worst person on Earth.
I start to cry; call myself a 'Fat ugly *****'
And at times I have self harmed.
I get really upset and start breaking out crying.
I feel as if I am an alone wolf and nobody understands what I'm going through.

- And one day, after school, I had been bullied
a lot that day, and I was very happy when I came
home from school. I was on top of the moon.
But then - at night, I was crying my eyes out.

At times, I am very happy and then I get very upset and sad.

I don't know whats happening to me, maybe I need medication.?
I am 13 years old, by the way.

Thanks for your answers - they really help :)
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Ah, Sweety I know you've heard this before - but it sounds like your hormones are working overtime. Just like they should at 13. And just like almost every other girl in your class. Boys too, but not in the same way. It's really normal to feel almost every kind of emotion there is, all in the same day - even in the same hour! This isn't an excuse to give in to it - but it does give you the understanding that this is what's happening to you so you can control your emotions a little easier.
You said you have sometimes "self harmed". This is the term that counsellors use, so I wonder if you've already seen a counsellor or therapist.? If you've only heard about self harming, or only experimented with it a couple of times - please use your will power, your inner strength, to stop yourself. This can quickly turn into a habit that you can only break with outside help. If you are cutting/burning/or self mutilating more than a couple of times, then you need to talk to someone who has training in this. Start with your school counsellor, a teacher you trust, a relative, or, best yet, your parents. If you find it too hard to talk to them maybe you could just print out your question and hand it to them.
In the meantime, please try to remember that pretty much every teenager has periods of time when they feel so alone and like nobody gets what they're going through. Knowing this doesn't make the feelings go away - it just helps a little to know that you aren't alone. And Sweety, the world can be a bright and beautiful place. It can also be really hard sometimes. Every time you hurt yourself - with self harming or even with harsh words - it's like you're taking a mean bite out of your own soul. There are enough nasty experiences and people in this world who will try to do this without you HELPING them! Please think about this, okay.? Health Question & Answer

I wouldn't dive straight into medication until you've given counselling a try. Does your school have a counsellor.? If not your GP can refer you to one. And ideally talk to your parents, too, they'll want to know that you're feeling this bad. I don't think you have Bipolar, you're just having a hard time.Health Question & Answer

you really need to see a doctor or counselor. sounds like bi-polar to me but I'm not a doctor. if it is, there is all kinds of meds out there for it. don't wait do it now.
it's not going to get better with out help.
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hormones sweetie unfortunately us women go through this. Puberty and all of the other nasty things we have to go through! it will get better hold your head up high and keep on keeping on! lol you are not depressed your just going through life and growing up!Health Question & Answer

FFS I knew this would happen...did you all just learn a new word : BIPOLAR this year.?

Mood changes DO NOT equal bipolar. It's called NORMAL TEENAGE LIFEHealth Question & Answer

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