Why does it seems like when people grows up they in more stress than ever.?!

Question: Why does it seems like when people grows up they in more stress than ever..?
All in my teens people told me to grow up they said I,m making my self look like a fool. I admit I did act like a clown but now I grew and train my self to stop acting like that. But what I notice is ever since I grew up I,m in more stress than ever.when I was a teen I never bully a kid or made fun of some one interrupted the teacher in class I still had good grades. Why does it seems like when people grows up they are in more stress than ever.?Health Question & Answer

I think one of the answers to this is that as we grow up we become more mature, and we are given more responsibility as an adult. We can learn new skills to balance these responsibilities or shirk away from them, unless ilnness and disability is involved which can make this extremely difficult.

Growing up is extremely daunting,but concentrate on those you love, what you love, what youre strengths are and try use these to your favour.

Unfortunatley we may have got the best grades and not harmed anyone, but academic success or moral ethics are no guarantee that you will have an easy ride.

Get back to that sense of humour that you once had and dont lose sight of it. Its good to act mature and have a mature "face" but people take things in life far, far too seriously, an example of this is all the wars going on at the moment.

You will in time begin to find the answers to your question. Good Luck and Take CareHealth Question & Answer

simple, because as you grow you gather more and more responsibility. Health Question & Answer

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