Is there anyone with bipolar disorder who I can personally talk to about some problems I've been having?!

Question: Is there anyone with bipolar disorder who I can personally talk to about some problems I've been having.?
Please, just please. I feel like I'm about to mother fxcking breakdown. I'm only 13. I've been experiencing all of this since 5th grade. I can't take it anymore. Everyone is turning against me.. My moods control who I am, and the real me isn't even here anymore. Just please help.

I'd be happy to talk to you over myspace...

Or Yahoo messenger..

Just tell me on here before you do.

Thank you all so much.Health Question & Answer

Hey darling, just email me your myspace, or I can send you mine.

And please, call around to different psychologists! There must be others with sooner appts. I had to call around 3 times before I got a quick appt.Health Question & Answer

A number of bipolar chatsites and forums are shown in section 10, (take the quiz) on bipolar disorder, at but normal teenage mood swings (5th grade; start of puberty.?) may be responsible.

Teen resources; first page in section 13, and page K. Bipolar disorder is currently "fashionable", but is much overdiagnosed, especially with teens. If they knew the risks and side effects of the medications (see section 10) it might not be so popular.Health Question & Answer

hey we can talk back and forth on here through email if you want i have suffered from bipolar disorder since i was 11 and i am now 23 so any questions you have feel free to askHealth Question & Answer

well, i havent been diagnosed with bipolar, but i do get really bad mood swings.... if u want to talk, email me ur myspace :) best of luckHealth Question & Answer

i have it to but i got help there is help out there talk to ur parents bout it see a shrink u will be suprised good luckHealth Question & Answer

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