Should i make myself eat?!

Question: Should i make myself eat.?
no, i am not anorexic! i just haven't really been hungry all day. like, i woke up and really wasn't hungry for breakfast so i skipped it. then lunchtime passed and i still didn't feel like eating. now it's 9 at night and i haven't eaten since 11 last night yet every time i think of eating anything it just doesn't appeal to me.

why does this happen sometimes.? everytime i think of what i could eat i just don't feel like eating that.

i have been for the past month eating when i get hungry to learn what full really is. but today, nothing.

what makes you not want to eat for a whole day.?Health Question & Answer

I get days where i dont want to eat at all too. I think everyone gets those. Tomorrow you will most likely be fine again.Health Question & Answer

That happened to me for a couple of days recently and I thought it was weird since I seem to be stuffing my face with cookies every second of most days. But, I think it was just a very minor stomach virus. I had no symptoms, no stomach ache or anything else. But the thought of food just didn't appeal to me at all. I think it's normal occasionally. We're lucky our stomachs work at all considering the diets most of us have! lolHealth Question & Answer

dats a regular feelin everybody goes threw it even i go threw it sometimes i dont feel like eatin but somehow or someway i end up eatin so is nutin to worry bout youll be fineHealth Question & Answer

You should be fine it happens to me also.
Health Question & Answer

coffee, cigarettes, or any type of stimulants decrease or eliminate your appetite.Health Question & Answer

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