Is this a feelings of guilt? ?!

Question: Is this a feelings of guilt.? .?
Coz i havnt been attending a lot of my classes and my parents have no idea on what im doing... Actually this is the worst thing i've done. Anyway, i seek psychologists or go somewhere when im not going to class however there's this feeling on me that even if tell myself a hundred times that don't take it seriously (the not going to school)so i won't feel im hiding a big crazy secret from everyone, its just i don't know im not used to what im doing.. i do lots of bad things but this, its crazy. Btw, i dont go to school coz im a loner and more reasons. Anyway, is that a feelings of guilt.? The even though i tell myself its ok, dont take it seriously so i wont feel bad but the thing that im doing, seeing some psychs its crazy, i feel like im such a weirdo. Health Question & Answer

You are feeling guilty, but it just means you have a conscience. You need to level with your parents. Tell them you are not ready for school right now until you straighten out your life a little bit. You can go back to school when you are ready to give it your time and attention. You are also more likely to have a solid goal at that time. Health Question & Answer

your going to school so you won't have to work at mc donalds all your life.your not messing up your parents future your messing up yours.which do you think is more embarrassing going to a pshyc. or working at mc donalds at the age of stop being a big baby no body is looking at what you do they are worried about getting their own lives straight.Health Question & Answer

I think it is kind of good that you are questioning yourself.
This means you will be able to figure out what is best for you.
Can you talk to the school guidance counselor.? You and the counselor may be able to come up with a plan. I hope this helps.
Good Luck.Health Question & Answer

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