I have no self-confidence... any advice?!

Question: I have no self-confidence... any advice.?
I've always been self-concious, i honestly can't remember the last time i was happy with myself but lately i've just been getting sick of it. I can't even look in a mirror without breaking down :| It's pathetic - i'm pathetic :S

It's not just my appearance it's my personality and my weight i'm critical about too. I'm 5ft 5 and 93 pounds and i still feel the need to improve myself. I don't want to spend my whole life hating who i am, because i know i can't change.

Has anyone else got this problem.? And does anyone have any advice on how to get over myself.? Be as honest as you want, i've probably heard it before. Thanks x
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Be honest enough with yourself to realise you may not even want to be happy. Why I say that, is your last line: "Be as honest as you want, i've probably heard it before."

That means you admit defeat before you even start. That is why you aren't getting anywhere. Look at this self-sabotage as it is called, and ask yourself WHY you feel that way. Keep going till you get the answer. It won't come from your chatterbox mind, but from your Being. You'll know when you get it. Then you can start to do something about it. Health Question & Answer

I had this problem to but I managed to some how overcome it.
You are who you are for a reason. You don't need to change for anyone.
Try to stop feeling like you need yourself because I'm sure that you don't.
You only live once,would you rather go through life looking down on yourself then regretting the fact that you never did anything.? Or stop thinking about the way you look and enjoy life the way that you are.?Health Question & Answer

Sounds to me like you have low self esteem. You need to address this so you can move on and start to like yourself. I think it would help you if you go to your doctor who can refer you to a mental health nurse. also i recommend reading a book called 'overcoming low self esteem' by melanie fenell. This book will explain to you the thoughts you have and help you understand them so in time you can change them. Good luckHealth Question & Answer

i say
find something or someone
like a musical artist who inspires you
i don't know
when sometime inspires me
it motivates me to be a better me
or go out and buy a new shirt or something
hey buy a new shirt!
write down all the stuff you like about yourself
try to focus on the good stuff instead of the badHealth Question & Answer

I've been feeling the same way...I know it is bad but u should start thinking good things about urself.I'm sure ur NOT pathetic.U r a great young woman who needs 2 b more positive about herself.Believe me I know.I've been there (and still am but i'm trying 2 b more positive and self-confident).U know that life is hard but we should try and make the best of the situation rite.? :) Try 2 do things that make u happy,have fun,enjoy life :) I wish u the best of luck :) xHealth Question & Answer

You are not pathetic. I know how you feel and it is very tiring and exhausting. Its got better as I've got older. Make yourself go out and mix with people, probably the last thing you want to do but it works. also keep your mind busy. It is ok to be you as you are. I hope things get better for you soon. xHealth Question & Answer

Fiona relax take a deep breath, your not pathetic, those are the ones that are mean and insensitive.
you are a princess, you just dont realize who you are. We are what we let ourselves think we are. We can fake it for a while, to think we are horible even when we are wonderful, and soon we believe we are a horible person.

if everytime we make a mistake we say i am pathetic, we stop trying to do anything, we program ourself for failure.

praying the best for you and i am proud of you it takes guts to say how you feel, now get some new feelings, because youre worth it.

peace up in Jesus amazing grace John chapters 1-6 and also chapter 10 the more abundant life.

thank you
Fiona what a lovely name, David
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