Help me! Have a major bug phobia!?!

Question: Help me! Have a major bug phobia!.?
I was cleaning my room and saw a small bug. Being bug phobic (afraid of insects) I panicked. I looked at one corner of my bed and on the floor, I saw small wiggling larva! I screamed and tears of sheer fear poured out. There were so many larva!! God, I screamed in fright until my parents came. They told me that it was my fault for eating in my room. They said that they'd fix it tomorrow . I sprayed bug spray on the floor and most of the wall. And there was no way in hell that I'd sleep in my room, knowing it was infested with disgusting critters. I also realize that when there's larva, there always has to be adult bugs who produce them. I swear that I'll destroy every insect in my domain! But I need suggestions on how to do that. I don't really think my parents would buy me four new bottles of bug killing spray- or that they would let me crash at their room until the bugs were gone.! I'm not sure they would let me call an exterminator-even though it's a major crisis for me- because we're kinda saving our money for more useful stuff, and demolishing bugs in my room doesn't seem like one of those things. So please- do any of you have solutions.? I having a mental and emotional breakdown coming. I cat sleep when I know there are invaders in my room. So please help in any way you can!!!!!! :()Health Question & Answer

Don't eat in your room. There are bery few insects that can harm you. Most don't carry diseases or bite. Try to be rational and remind yourself that they're just fly larva or whatever. A good vacuuming and a good bug spray should get rid of the little bas*****.Health Question & Answer

Just make sure that you don't provide any food source for them. Health Question & Answer

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