Help on analyzing my breathing too much? ?!

Question: Help on analyzing my breathing too much.? .?
ok, i know this sounds weird, but a lot of times like when im bored i think about my breathing too much. and im like omg im breathing too slow or im not getting enough air. and i know this sounds ridiculous, but i told my sister about it and she says she does it too. obviously, i know that breathing is autonomic, but its just annoying and sometimes it keeps me from going to sleep. ive tried ignoring it or distracting myself, but that doesnt really help. what should i do.? Health Question & Answer

theres a million people in the world like you
it's just anxiety
it's even happend to me before

you should check out
there are people like you there!

it is the pits over analyzing stuff
i do it tooHealth Question & Answer

I wonder if this is part of an anxiety problem. Do you have any other anxiety symptoms.? Like racing heart, sweaty palms, feeling of impending doom.? If so, you should go to your doctor to check out if anything is physically wrong, such as a thyroid problem or low iron etc. If everything checks out, ask for a referral for cognitive behavioral therapy.This helps you learn new ways of thinking about things and how to calm yourself.Health Question & Answer

Breathing rate of the average adult is 12-20 breath per minute.

If your breathing is too slow, you may have respiratory depression; also check any possible medication your both on if applicable.

Go to the doctor.Health Question & Answer

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