How much meth is in ecstasy?!

Question: How much meth is in ecstasy.?
I'm curious how much meth is actually in ecstasy. I know some people sell E that doesn't have any meth in it. Is this "better" for you to take.?Health Question & Answer

I can't believe how many dumb ***** think that ecstasy is cut with cocaine or heroin.. Hahahaha, do your math, retards. Cocaine is 50-80 bucks for a gram, and heroin is about the same. There are 1000 milligrams in a gram (in case you didn't know that yet). Most pills are 200 to 250 milligrams. Most ecstasy pills contain 75-125 milligrams of MDMA, which is the substance people call "ecstasy", so the other 100-150 milligrams are fillers, such as caffeine, methamphetamine hydrochloride, and other cheap ****. Why the **** would somebody in his right mind even have THOUGHTS of using heroin and cocaine as fillers.? If you "anti-drug" people would have half a brain to do simple mathematics, you'd realize that it would cost around 5-7 bucks to put 100 milligrams of either cocaine or heroin in a pill, plus the other 100-125 milligrams of MDMA, which would raise the price to make a pill up to 10 bucks, AND, it would be pointless because cocaine and heroin, in such small doses, have nearly no effects taken orally. Most pills go for 1-5 dollars on the streets, so how would that be profitable.? Oh yeah, let's sell pills that cost 10 bucks to make for one dollar.. that's really smart eh.? Go back to ******* school.

And now to answer the question.. Yeah, MDMA is overall better for your health and less addictive than methamphetamines. Check out for more info.Health Question & Answer

If you're planning on doing anything, and clearly you have inquiries. It's best to study up on what you consume, especially if it's a narcotic.

Check this site below if you're ever curious about what is what and all that may apply. Take care, and as always, be safe!

This link relates to your question, your answer should be found there.Health Question & Answer

You know it shocks me how many drug addicts talk so freely on line-that can be traced. Meth and Ecstasy are both made by people who could care less what happens to you. There maybe rat poison or god know what as fillers in both.
With meth all it takes is one time using and you can get hooked and destroy your life. Get real and be aware that young kids read this site. REGGIEHealth Question & Answer

It depends on who you get it from. If it's just ecstasy then there isn't any in it. But don't believe all these people telling you that some meth is heroin based, or cocaine based, or whatever based, that's all b.s.Health Question & Answer

YES. it is better. meth is a discousting drug. all drugs are repulsive.
if i were you. i'd just not do anything to screw yourself over. like trying drugs.Health Question & Answer

Try and get pure MDMA all the time. Here check out this website it tells you whats in pills that are out there so you can make sure your not taking something bad.Health Question & Answer

depends on its type.. some ecstasy is heroin based or cocaine based. there is some that is meth based but not all pills. you can find some without any methHealth Question & Answer

This will give you some more info. Question & Answer

no its not, they both will kill you pretty much the same out of time. dont want to take my word for it go here

.?qid=20081025122052AAXERUq"> Question & Answer

yes its much less dangerous to your system. but the best thing to take is LSD, not dangerous at all keeps you high for 8 hours. :DHealth Question & Answer

why would you even want to take the chance of trying it if you're so concerned.? doesn't sound too smart to me. Health Question & Answer

MUCH better.

Health Question & Answer

it doesnt matter, u shouldnt be doing that s**t anyways, it will f**k u up!
QUIT!!!!!!!!Health Question & Answer

Basicaly there is no good E its all bad.. Don't be stupid Health Question & Answer

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