Love and physical pain? Your thoughts please....?!

Question: Love and physical pain.? Your thoughts please.....?
Whenever I feel love for someone I have to hurt them (physically)
say my friend does something cute and i feel affectionate towards them, i have to pinch him/her. If I feel love towards a brother/sister whoever, i have to bite them or hit them or something.
I dont HURT them because they know me and how i am but why do i associate love with physical pain.?
Thank youHealth Question & Answer

I agree with gracekelly3rd, your past has a significant role in who you are today, so if you were physically or even sexually abused, you could learn to associate love with pain. I, personally, was sexually abused and I have a very mixed up perception of what love is. And that was a very long time ago, but it still affects me. Maybe you should take some time to reflect on things. Good luck!! Health Question & Answer

I tend to do this too. I'm not really sure why.
I kind of lightly hit people or squeeze them really hard or something.
I think it just means that you're a very affectionate person that doesn't really have a comfortable medium to express your affection with. I don't think that it's a super bad thing but you may want to keep the biting to a minimum. That one sounds problematic. Try finding more appropriate ways to express affection because some people you come across may not be okay with it. Health Question & Answer

sounds like you may have some underlying problems. maybe hidden in your mind some where deep.
it's not normal to want to hurt people you love. maybe you should see a doctor.Health Question & Answer

sometimes if u have had a violent past you can be suseptible to feeling u may need ty do this to others.Health Question & Answer

become a dominatrix.Health Question & Answer

Because that's the way ninjas areHealth Question & Answer

maybe your past.?...Health Question & Answer

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