Do you think the prophets of old were actually undiagnosed schizophrenics?!

Question: Do you think the prophets of old were actually undiagnosed schizophrenics.?
Yes! I have come to this conclusion based on experience with voice and visual hallucinations, They were undiagnosed because the disorders were not recognized as illnesses then but attributed to spirits and demons. The cause (s) of hallucinations is unknown to medical science even today. I am pleased to find out someone else has come to a similar conclusion.Health Question & Answer

They've got the symptoms.

I think of this sometimes as being evidence that schizophrenia is not the disorder that we make it to be, but rather the result of some more complicated, rare brain inter-workings.
In short, it doesn't mean that the world's prophets have all been crazy and so therefore must be disregarded... rather, that most brilliant people have been or are a little (or a lot) mad. It just seems to be a package deal.Health Question & Answer

Ah yes, hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn't it.? If only we could look back to those primitive beasts who prowled the earth talking about god and stuff and tell them they were all mad...but they were not. They were men imbued with the words of God. I take it you're referring to the old biblical prophets such as Isaiah and Daniel.? Was Jesus crazy.? Am I crazy for believing in him in this, oh so wonderful, modern age.? Have we really changed all that much as humans, or has the modern world and the lies it propounds gotten into our hearts and souls and blinded us to what essentially is a very simple truth - that we all need God and it was the prophets job to remind us of that. If that's your idea of a schizophrenic, then so be it. We all have our own minds to make up. Here's one for you, has the modern day schizophrenic been created by the psychiatric world.? If so, it would seem that our modern day reality has truly been subverted. So no, they were not undiagnosed schizophrenics. They were men of God. But it's all a matter of perception.Health Question & Answer

I would need you to be more specific than saying prophets of old. I read an article that a scholar wrote that moses was high on a hallucinogenic substance when he received the ten commandments.Health Question & Answer

It is possible. They saw visions and heard voices.
I think all the demon possessed people cured by Jesus had some type of mental disorder.Health Question & Answer

You certain have an interesting question.50% were and 50% were not. Health Question & Answer

No! Like the prophets of today, I think they were shysters.Health Question & Answer

That would explain a lot.... lol JK
maybe some were....but definitely not all.... ;)Health Question & Answer

Only if God did not exist, but he does.Health Question & Answer

lol ya ive always though that they did shrooms or somethingHealth Question & Answer

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