Is this normal thing before i go to sleep?!

Question: Is this normal thing before i go to sleep.?
right before i go to sleep and start dreaming i well sometimes hear voices that aren't there
and when i hear them i normally fall asleep

is that a sign that you are about sleep or is that something else.?

am 13 and a girl

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To me it sounds like you are simply drifting into dreamland. Sometimes we are in a lighter stage of sleep when we begin to dream, which makes us think we are hearing "things" that in fact are part of a dream. Doesn't sound abnormal.Health Question & Answer

I would say if it doesn't disturb you too much then it's not a problem, the best thing to do is relax about it, not worry about it, don't think about it, just try to go to sleep, it's difficult to do if you work yourself into a state about it and eventually it will cause other problems for you because you'll wind yourself up so much you'll get stress related sleep problems.

For an hour or so before you go to bed, try not to do anything that's too stimulating, ie action film on TV, vibrant music on radio or cd, or playing games on computer, even I might suggest schoolwork where you have to concentrate too hard. also try not to drink stimulant drinks, eg coffee or red bull or in fact anything that's mildly a stimulant, coke, pepsi etc

See how that goes for a while.Health Question & Answer

I would think that's normal enough.Here's my own strange situation: Right before I go to sleep, I sometimes have quick, sharp, flashes of dreams. I'll dream I'm sliding down a mountain, or falling down the stairs.I can physically feel a sharp jolt like lightning, or electricity go through by body. I wake up after I have these dreams, then I'll fall back to sleep.Health Question & Answer

nothing to worrie about unless the voices are telling you cazy things.
but i think its your taughts because your sleepy your paying more attention your more tranquil and your mind just trying o get the last taughts in before resting its normal Health Question & Answer

thats a sign of schizophrenia...Health Question & Answer

That's kind of creepy have you talked to your parents about it yet.?Health Question & Answer

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