im a 30 yr old woman. ive been an alcoholic for a few yrs now. (do to a loss of a child) well, at least thats what im blaming it on.

either way, how do i stop.? ive been to AA several times.

the problem is ive been getting worse. i get the DT's now even though im 'fully loaded'. (DT's ... delirium tremens) im vomiting blood everyday. i cant intake anything but water.. cant eat, no cokes or even hurts to bad (my esophagus)

ive tried to quit (again several times) its just the withdrawal is so BAD, that im scared to quit again. is there anything i can take... ive tried chocolate.. but the thing is.. I CANT KEEP ANYTHING DOWN, when i quit completely.

im up to almost a half of gallon of vodka daily... straight vodka.

yes yes, i know untill i get over my 'emotional' problem.. (loosing my child) i will never get better. but i think i kinda have.. my new husband and i would love to try to conceive. but, its the withdrawal that im having the problem with.

oh, and i dont need any AA advice..

I HAVE A BIG BOOK, i know it cover to cover.. i know everything and anything you people try to tell me... so save it.. especially, what your thinking now...(yea, ''i dont want to be helped'') ...i do not want a 12 step call, nor do i want to be bothered with your program again. your a cult of the mind! TRUST ME. i think its a WONDERFUL program.. ive seen what your program can offer. its just not for me.

my problem is... im trapped in my mind, and cannot escape. i know that if i can get over the withdrawal, i could have a chance of possibly recovering. and before you say that is not possible. my father has just celebrated 10yrs of sobriety.. without AA.. (yea, lol i know 'dry drunk', right.?) *whatever* save it for your next meeting.. oh and pray for me.

like im saying... i know im in here (my body) somewhere.. but my body is sooo depended on alcohol.

is there any easier, softer way.? maybe some herbal pills, or black magic.. (the black magic comment is a joke)

again, i can drink a whole bottle of vodka and im STILL feeling the DT"S... whats up with that.

ps. i know my question is all over the place,.. but remember... ive been drinking.

thank you

AGAIN! this is not a ... ''oh help yourself, or you need to find peace within yourself b.s.'' ITS AN, what can i do to make the withdrawal a litter easier question.Health Question & Answer

Your DTs will be controlled by the use of Chlordiazepoxide or Diazepam. They are prescription-only medications but they will stop you from having shakes, seizures, hallucinations or most of the other after effects of the DTs. I would see the doctor to get this either as an outpatient or inpatient. It sounds like you have oesophageal varices, causing you to vomit blood.

Good luckHealth Question & Answer

I TAKE IT YOU'RE NOT IRISH!!!!!Health Question & Answer

This may sound silly and i read what you said, but this is just a suggestion that popped into my head:

I know you said everything is rough on your digestive system, munch on some icecubes. You could go to the doctor and see if they would by chance give you something for the acid reflux. So you could eat.

life is trying to tell you its time for a another chance at it, you just have to be fully willing to go through whatever rough times ahead there are ahead.

As far as convincing your mind to quit drinking, i'm not sure, but i did find this link, it might not but much but i did try. Question & Answer

Hi i have been one also for about 25 years due to a accidental death at the age of 14 and again of my experience being in the WAR and having to kill people. I was just like you and drank all the time,until one day my Doctor told me that my liver was damaged because of my drinking.Well i didn't want to kill myself so i stooped just like that. Now i am still alive and doing well,so just ask yourself do you want to kill yourself or not.? Good luckHealth Question & Answer

Inpatient care and medication. Both. This is way beyond AA symptoms. Print out this question and take it with you to the Emergency Room.

Are you ready to be locked up.? Ready to take meds.?

When I gave up drinking I spent 2 weeks inpatient and 5 1/2 months in a treatment facility. It worked. Being inpatient or in a treatment facility 'imposes' a schedule, classes and sometimes manual labor (you may be assigned to clean class room A everyday). At some point the mind rebels and "stinking thinking" will take over. You may blow off a class or your labor, very much like a child. It is very hard to stay on track at this point. You defiantly need to be with staff and others.

That's a hump, now it's 90 meetings in 90 days. Do it. In the classes there will be drunks of all ages teaching you the why's and how's of this disease. The more you learn, the better your prospects.

I had tried quitting many times and ways till I was ready for meds and a bed. Something in you has to beg you to stop. Beg for help. Seriously, beg in your head.

I gave my self up to the treatment center to brainwash me. That's what they do. Give in to the treatment.

The rewards are not a Utopia, but a manageable need to grow.Health Question & Answer

First of all you need to check yourself into the hospital for a medically supervised detox. You can not do it by yourself at home. Alcohol withdrawal can be very dangerous especially if you have been drinking as much as you say you have. You may need a psychiatrist to help you through the process after you are detoxed, but I hate to tell you they will recommend AA. You will also need a tremendous support system from friends and family. There is no "magic pill" to help you stop drinking unless you take anabuse, which isnt a magic pill but it will make you want to think twice before you take a drink!!! You know the story, once an alcoholic always an alcoholic. There is nothing "easy" about it, it will be a life long battle. Good Luck to you!Health Question & Answer

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