Depression and loneliness? how to get out of it? ?!

Question: Depression and loneliness.? how to get out of it.? .?
i have just turned 20 and i have lots of friends who are genuinely nice people and i often go out with them, in that sense i have a good social life and i am about to start a new job in a few weeks time so really nothing should be wrong. However i lost a close relative just over a year ago, someone who was very special to me and the only person in the whole world i felt i could talk to and they understood me. Although my friends are kind and caring most just seem to talk about themselves all the time without realising it, i feel like i am the agony aunt and i am always listening to everyones problems and helping them out and i have no one. I've never had a bf either and it would be nice just for someone to talk to or hug me at the end of a bad day. But i really feel down despite getting this new job which i thought would be the answer to all my problems. I would go to the doctors for some anti-depressant pills but i dont like my doc either =s i just wondered if anyone had any advice coping with loneliness and depression would be much appreicated. Thanks.Health Question & Answer

I lost my grandmother in my 20's and she was the person I felt like I could talk to about anything. She was the person whom I could talk to about anyone and anything. She never spoke of it to anyone it was always kept in confidence. Even now at 31 I find myself missing that. I'm married to a wonderful man, but I still miss that person who I had counted on for numerous years.

I have tried antidepressants and I have seen a therapist also over the years. I don't think there is one easy good answer for you. It is hard and it sucks when your lonely, but I found that by involving myself with other people as much as I could I would get times where I wasn't. And when I did get lonely I tried to find something to do in those times. I either read or wrote and still do when I get to where I feel alone. And I think you can feel "alone" even if you are with someone.Health Question & Answer

being lonley is not easy esp cause your missing someone.i know that person isnt here in life but there listening and as far as you being the one to help thats ok your the helper everyone comes to you for help..just try to ease your pain.and ease your mind.hugs to you from me.and thank god for people like you..someone everyone can turn to for depenable help and loveHealth Question & Answer

Youre thinking too much focus on positive. Remember communication is always good. being emotional . Friends. Goals. Laughter. Fun. relationshipsHealth Question & Answer

There is an easy answer. I base this on the teachings of Eric Bern. ""What do you say after you say hello."" (also Games People Play)
You keep saying hello to someone new until one becomes interesting enough to make it easy to say good by to the one you can no longer say hello to.

Often, I believe, someone will say hello to you. And that Hello might be enough to say good by to the one you lost.

This might not make sense to you, but it is often necessary to say hello to someone new (or something new) before you can really say good by to the old.Health Question & Answer

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