What are signs of severe depression and what causes it?!

Question: What are signs of severe depression and what causes it.?
Any professional help would be appreciated. also any direct links would be helpful. Someone close to me suffers from some kind of depression. Thanks.Health Question & Answer

there is two types of depression in Psychology: Depressive mood and clinical depression.

the signs of depressiona are:
*Insomnia or general trouble sleeping;
*constant feelin of sadness;
*feeling exhausted a lot of the time with no energy;
*feeling as if even the smallest tasks are sometimes impossible;
*a bad temper or irratability;
*they can't enjoy the things that they used to enjoy eg. food sex or maybe the comfort eat;
*feeling very anxious alot of the time;
*they don't want to see people or are scared to be left alone. Social activity may feel hard or impossible;
* a difficulty to think clearly - lots of headaches;
*feeling that life isn't worth living;
*poor self image and low confidence;
* they spend a lot of time thinking about what has/will go wrong and what is wrong with them;
* physical aches and pain eg. neck ache;
* a feeling that life is passing you by;Health Question & Answer

I am disabled with major depression disorder. I'm not a clinical professional but I can describe what it is like for me. You dread waking up in the morning. You have to fight to get out of bed, everything you do including things your supposed to enjoy feel like a chore. You wish everybody would just leave you alone, you don't want to be around people, because nobody understands you or where you are coming from, you feel empty and like no matter what you do nothing will ever change because you are so different, especially in your thinking, than everyone else. You think about suicide or killing others on a daily basis, your extremely irritable and short tempered. Those are some of the signs of depression. Mine was caused by people conspiring against me in the workplace and justice never being served. In my case it can't be treated because the issue at hand will never be resolved. I believe unresolved issues or trauma causes it. ;-)Health Question & Answer

she should visit a doctor. the doctor will diagnose and refer her to someone if necessary. I was diagnosed with depression at 14 years of age. My cause is heredity. I have a history of mental illnesses in my family - some severe and some minor. But, some other triggers include traumatic episodes. Some symptoms are a state of deep darkness for more than 6 - 9 months, loss of interest in living (activities, education, work, waking up), fatigue, foggy thoughts, appetite changes, weight gain or loss, lack of hygiene, etc.Health Question & Answer

i've been dealing with depression for about 5 years now.after i had a "second trimester miscarriage" in december of last year it got really bad....and i finally started treatments in june of this year.

after starting treatment i had to read like 50 of those little pamphlets and i started doing research on the web.here is a good place for information on depression :


people with depression tend to....
draw away from family and friends,have mood swings,have a change in appetite, etc,etc.....the list goes on check out the link it has just about anything and everything you'd need to learn about depression.
Health Question & Answer

i'm not proffessional but mood swings and emotional reactions to the smallest things are probably signs .
causes are probably relationship issues and stuff like tht Health Question & Answer

Lots of things.Health Question & Answer

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