Whats something comforting to eat when depressed?!

Question: Whats something comforting to eat when depressed.?
Any good choclate recipes or methods.?Health Question & Answer

Chocolate. It has high levels of theobromine . A brain chemical that causes feelings of pleasure.Health Question & Answer

Best not to eat for comfort. Generally it tends to create a vicious circle:
You eat when you're depressed so you gain weight, then you get depressed because you've gained weight and you eat more and you gain more weight and get more depressed. Happens all the time.

The healthiest way to deal with depression is to do some serious exercise. It really does help. Eating makes it worse.Health Question & Answer

well chocolate is comforting..but it will make you break out..so if ur willing to take that risk go ahead..but i'll sometimes eat like pastry's or like muffins..cake..it's what you think will make you feel better really. But personally i think when your depressed you shouldn't resolve it by eating ii think you should call up one of your friends that's understanding and just talkHealth Question & Answer

chocolate pudding is great. i just got through with some. im having a pretty rough day and it aways seems to help. low calories so i wont feel too guilty and chocolate. Health Question & Answer

ice cream is best

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Tiramisu or ribeye steak. Be careful though. I vowed to kill myself through over eating and now I am shopping at fat guys stores and I am at the heaviest I have ever weighted.Health Question & Answer


cookies and cream ice cream or cookie dough ice cream BEST WISHESHealth Question & Answer

Ben & Jerry Ice Cream
Health Question & Answer

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