Do you think it's possible for someone who smokes to have high self-esteem?!

Question: Do you think it's possible for someone who smokes to have high self-esteem.?
i smoke and my self esteem is fairly highHealth Question & Answer

I have been smoking for 31 years, and love my self quite a bit, but I do have some trivia for you.

When I worked for the county years ago, we use to have to take these terribly long and extensive tests on our competency, memory, and general intellect, I noticed every time we took these tests the smokers consistently took longer to complete the tests. The scores were in the same range as the non-smokers, it just took the smokers a substantial time longer to complete the tests. and always thought that was odd trivia.Health Question & Answer

they are verging on a state of dementia by killing their living tissue off.

and if not that the worst death of all cancer -

so if your asking is it possible.? yes perhaps in their own minds but who wants to die - what kind of esteem is that to live with.?Health Question & Answer

Depends if your talking about a teenager vs. an adult who has been smoking for a long time. My dad Im sure has very high self esteem, and has been smloking for a long time- got started because his brother gave hima smole when he was younger.

On the other hands no, because I know some girls who smoke to stay thin. (yuck!).Health Question & Answer

they shouldn't.
smoking is disgusting and shows how weak that person's will power is. If they were strong, they'd resist the urge or jsut not fall for peer pressure. Not only will if effect them, but any child they have or roommates or jobs. just...ew, Health Question & Answer

Yes. I know someone who smokes...
I smoke, too. And I'd have to say I have a very low self esteem.
I don't think smoking makes a difference.Health Question & Answer

What does one have to do with the other.? Self-esteem is a function of our psyche. Smoking is a physical addiction.Health Question & Answer

sure i guess. i see no reason why not. they just acept the fact that they smoke.Health Question & Answer

Yeah, it's not like everybody who smokes has low self esteem. Health Question & Answer

smoking is cool.
Health Question & Answer

if they do they are fooling themselves, i will pretty much hate myself until i quit. :(Health Question & Answer

yes but they're in denial about how stupid they are for smoking.Health Question & Answer

Yes.Health Question & Answer

YESSSS...Health Question & Answer

i smoke ganja, nd my self esteem is pretty highhHealth Question & Answer

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