I dont understant why im acting like sh1t....................c... u help me sort this out?!

Question: I dont understant why im acting like sh1t....................can u help me sort this out.?
when this experience happened i felt like oh my gosh i want to explode already i have no idea what's happening to me.. that's one of the worst feeling ever.. this happened when i was in my class w/ my "bestfriend"

we ac2lly hve issues like competing w/ each other, insecurities(.?), but honestly i also think dt im the real problem.. when i arrived in school my classm8s where doing a seatwork already and i was kind of doing nothing.. i sat beside my bestf and she's not talking to me.. i feel like an idiot honestly.. i dont know the feeling i swear all i feel like is that im like an idiot, i look at my phone all the time to hide what im feeling (idk what feeling is dt) i feel uncomfotrable, i just feel stupid probbly coz im alone.? and not talking to anyone while everyone is doing something... and i end up going to the toilet sitting there.. thinking what is hppening to me!.?!.? i feel like im going crazy!!... and then when 3 of my classm8s went to d cr i couldn't go out.. i dont know why... i was just waiting for them to get out! i was thinking pls get out already!! have any idea what was that.?.?.?.?.?Health Question & Answer

Have you had experiences of rejection from people.? maybe you are trying to be accepted, perhaps you reject yourself.?

Unfortunately as you grow older you'll either settle out, or you'll grow further away from the real you, eventually feeling not good enough, even for yourself... Try not to get involved with inner dialog i.e. (what does she/he think of me.? - they think i'm not worthy etc) - inner dialog does you no good and hiding them feelings behind your cell phone will only make it worse... The next time these things will come back, bigger and harder, more guilt and desperation for acceptance.

Try this:

Don't believe yourself when you have negative thoughts of you or others, usually all abstract ideas like that are flawed... they are based on your own interpretation and you end up assuming things that are not true... Alot of your drama can be cut out if you do these things.

Good Luck!Health Question & Answer

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