Am i normal or crazy ? answer ASAP ?!

Question: Am i normal or crazy .? answer ASAP .?
ok i want real answers...

1. i think it would be cool if i saw a tornado in real life...

2. i think dinosaurs like raptors and t-rex's are funny

3. when i was little i used to play with barbie dolls and pretend that they where like on adventures and stuff........and i sometimes would throwing them and laugh at then when they hit the wall

4. i used to talk to myself when i was little

5. i like to drink coffee * am 13 and a girl*

6. if i died i would not be sad or care about it

7. when i was little i used to only think girls where cute but now i think guys are only cute

8. i am scared to eat salad because i think it has a virus on it or something

so am i crazy or normal

i do not wanna hear rude comments and i do not wanna hear you say i got a illness or something

just tell me if you think am crazy or not

am 13 and a girlHealth Question & Answer

Meh, your fine.
Go out and live your life Health Question & Answer

Sounds a lot like me at that may not be normal-what the hell is normal anyway other than a way to make ppl feel bad or a word ppl use when they don't understand others-but you are indeed special. Just be sure to find a healthy outlet for your emotions(like the arts) and you'll be alrightHealth Question & Answer

you're not crazy. u are just trying to experiment. people believe stuff that are much crazier and they don't think they're crazy. some people do things that are weird but they don't think they're crazy. those things u did or do, are what makes you, you! don't think you're crazy..Health Question & Answer

1) Me too! but from a distance
2)As cartoons only!
4)we all do but not a loud
5) drink juice and water more
7)normal Right on track
8) you watch too much news, just wash your veggies
I'm sorry to say but you NORMAL an AVERAGE Teenager
Join a club or sport!!!!Health Question & Answer

You sound like a normal, unique person with your own tastes and opinions :)

I hope you don't drink too much coffee though (like 2 cups a day), cause it's not exactly a 'health' drink, if you know what I mean.Health Question & Answer

6 is scary, otherwise you are just anormal teenage girl.Health Question & Answer

you're normal trust me I did some of that stuff if not weirder so I'm pretty sure you're mentally okayHealth Question & Answer

You sound like any other teen. I cut to drag my babies around and cut their hair and burn them, but i am not weird i was just a kid having fun. Health Question & Answer

You are normal, but just made me crazy.Health Question & Answer

You're fine, just your average teenage girl. :)Health Question & Answer

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