What was with me- non stop thoughts and images in mind?!

Question: What was with me- non stop thoughts and images in mind.?
i felt dizzy,sick and n my mind tthere were contants thoughts, usually random images or completely different images-pencils, then rabbits, then computers, then paperclips
that sort of thing
was i just over tired.?Health Question & Answer

I would let it go for now. If it happens again or constantly, then I might get professional help. But for now I would not worry about it.Health Question & Answer

This is a tech. world the rabbits probably represent speed, the computers are fast tech, the paperclips are to keep those things in order that are important.
You need a vacation. Stop bringing your work home, It'll be there the next day.
At the rate you are going you might not.Health Question & Answer

I think that happens either when you get really bored or are undergoing a lot of mental stress which leads to tiredness. But most probably you were just tired. Health Question & Answer

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