I had no verbal interactions with anyone?!

Question: I had no verbal interactions with anyone.?
i havent had any interaction except for my cat for more than a week. is that normal.?.? does that happen to anyone.? What is this called.? Like major loneliness.? Health Question & Answer

Artists used to call this a "blue" period. It isn't bad, it's just that you're insulated from others. This is a great time to do some things for yourself - take long hot baths, read whatever you want, go through your closets and put together something for goodwill, go shopping, go to an afternoon movie, then treat yourself to a fun lunch, go to the museum, bookshops, whatever and just enjoy life. It's hard to do when you think you're alone, but sometimes having time for yourself is important. It doesn't necessarily mean that you're depressed, but that you need some time for self-reflection.
You'll be okay, my friend.Health Question & Answer

Normal is merely a societal interpretation of an action or thought. Do you want to be normal.? Or do you want to be unique.? I wouldn't want to be normal as it means to be normal in today's world. I think it's perfectly fine that you haven't talked to anyone in a week. You don't have to talk to anyone. Some people like to be socialites, and that's ok, and some like to be reserved, and that's ok too. Maybe you're just not feeling social at the moment.Health Question & Answer


Don't feel strange or anything like that. It is not that unusual. Maybe you are just having a very slow week. It happens to lots of people that aren't as lucky as others and don't have many friends. I suggest maybe you should take a walk at the park or try to get out of your house before you get cabin fever. I have days where I like to just crash for the weekend with my cat & dog!! Its ok to be lonely sometimes and it can be frustrating, but I would suggest to try and find activities that make YOU happy and will entertain you. Do you work.?.? Maybe if you get a job you can make some friends at work, or even try meeting someone online. Well, good luck and don't worry, sometimes we all feel lonely :)Health Question & Answer

It sounds like you are suffering from depression. Get out and do something, sitting around and talking to your cat, as nice as that is, will just make you more withdrawn. Go out even if it is for a walk, let some daylight help give you some energy.Health Question & Answer

It's only loneliness if you feel lonely. If you do, then go out and meet new people. Join clubs, groups, activities, or just go out and meet people. Call up old friends and see if they'd like to reconnect. Don't focus too much on yourself; look outward at other people!Health Question & Answer

It's called...."get off the computer and get out of the house" - itis. Don't you have any friends or family that you can call and talk to.? Better yet, is there anyone you can meet up with for dinner or lunch.? Health Question & Answer

There are social clubs for those with mental illnesses. We have them in our town. You could call your local United Way to see if there is a place for you to go during the day.Health Question & Answer

No you don't have a problem unless the cat starts to talk back. If you really want to meet people to talk to you can go to a 7-11 and take hostages.Health Question & Answer

haha NAH
i get that way too
sometimes i enjoy it
sometimes i hate it
sometimes i feel strange around people!
but it's okay
just try to make the best of your alone time and live in the moment
i sayHealth Question & Answer

it happens to me all the time. i'm pretty much homebound because of my ocd. you could always call up one of your friends and make plans to hangout. Health Question & Answer

what kind of work do you do that you cant interact with people.? do you work at all.? it is strange.Health Question & Answer

lol.. i've been there. I don't think it's a healthy way of living long term. But from time to time, you just need to get away.Health Question & Answer

Nah, sometimes you just need ya lone time. && sometimes you need your outgoing time. It's normal :P.Health Question & Answer

not at all healthy. haven't you any friends.?
relatives.? man,go to the library & chat it up with the staff about your fav book.Health Question & Answer

It's called pet therapy! Have fun :)Health Question & Answer

i do not think thats normal. do something about it. go out, meet new people, do exciting stuff... :)Health Question & Answer

I think it's like a hermit! Get out of the house and off the computer!! Cats are great but you're going to lose touch.Health Question & Answer

Dude...go out! Date! Do something! That is not normal! Health Question & Answer

Is this normal for you.? How do you feel about it.?Health Question & Answer

Not even the clerk at the store.?Health Question & Answer

don't listen to crap....i think its normal to some people............Health Question & Answer

lol neither do i.

Just relax, you cool.Health Question & Answer


thats sad man. i almost feel the same way. :(Health Question & Answer

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