I have been off my anxiety and depression medication for around a year, however off late i have been feeling?!

Question: I have been off my anxiety and depression medication for around a year, however off late i have been feeling.?
Really axious and angry not depressed but emotional unable to cope with things that are going on. I have the doctors on Thrusday, i don't really want to go back on prozac, can any of you suggest a prescribed alternative or any alternative really.? Thank youHealth Question & Answer

There is a therapy called EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. Do a search on Yahoo, there is a main site that explains it and lists practitioners in your area. I was skeptical at first but desperate to get off my prozac. I am now feeling better than when I was on prozac. The fact that you were off meds for a year and feeling good means that your symptom is not organic in it's root cause. Like me, your depression is caused by emotional issues that you are not even aware of. I did 6 sessions with a professional and was taught how to do it myself during those sessions. You have to be willing to practice on yourself, it takes 5 minutes a day. Go for 1 session and even the biggest skeptic will change their mind.Health Question & Answer

Well, dizzy what I can tell you is how I manage my depression and anxiety; since I have no medical insurance I have to find ways to control my symptoms naturally. What I do is deep meditation it works if you go to a psychologist I bet you that's one of the things that they're going to recommend that you do. Most of the time now I'm pretty much a happy person because I meditate I'm able to control my symptoms better and I feel a lot better than I did a few months ago. It also helps to get into a nice and healthy relationship too like I did. I hope this helps; it won't matter to me one-I-oda if you don't pick my answer as the best but I'm giving you something that you could do on your own time that would help with the anxiety and anger. Yoga helps too it relaxes you and helps to relieve stress.Health Question & Answer


Alternative medicine is a highly effective and beneficial way to overcome depression. Its benefits over pharmaceutical drugs are numerous including no adverse side-effects or dependency. Natural health can also work alongside conventional drug treatments so dosages can be gradually decreased and eventually stopped altogether. It may be that your struggles with Prozac are due to high dosage levels.

Alternative medicine and complementary therapies that are beneficial for depression include:


To learn more about depression and alternative therapies that can help, visit http://www.gotosee.co.uk

You'll find lots of information and articles about your condition and how alternative medicine can help you. You'll also be able to use the search tool facility to find a local practitioner in your area.

Good luck and all the best

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do you think you could have the seasonal disorder,i have it myself and feel awful.i am getting special lamp.you could give that a try.think it called s.a.d. i forgotton what the a in it means.best of luckHealth Question & Answer

There are a lot of different avenues that you can take, talk to your GP about your fears and they should put you on the right path.Health Question & Answer

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